Its Monday! What are you reading? #6

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? #6

Hello! Here is my Monday post, if you participate in this meme, leave a link and I'll stop by! :) I will also do a wrap-up of last week! :) I didn't post a lot this week as I've been quite busy, but I'll try and get a couple of reviews up this week! :)
What Happened Last Week on Blog of a Bookaholic:

What is coming up this week:
I was Jane Austen's Best Friend - Cora Harrison Review
Glitch review and blurb blog tour stop
Waiting on Wednesday #11
From the Review Pile #7
Feature and Follow #5
Stacking the Shelves #13

What I finished last week:
Zombie Kid Diaries, Grossery Games - Fred Petty
Zombie Kid Diaries Volume 2: Grossery Games
Not willing to let being a zombie spoil his dreams of pro-gamer stardom, Bill Stokes is all fired up to win against a visiting game champ.
But he's got a trio of troubles threatening to ruin his chances: The class has a Thanksgiving trip to Camp Woodchunk that same weekend. He's got to take care of Froufou, the yappy (but yummy-smelling) poodle from next door. And his personal bully, Steve, has a whole new way to humiliate him: a one-man, live-recorded "game show" called Gross-eries!
When Steve gets to run his little game during the whole class trip, Bill gets to be his unwilling star, and it's just about all his zombified nerves can stand!
My reading has been very slow this week and I only managed to to finish one book. :( I was trying to finish Emma by Jane Austen but I just couldn't get into it and it took up most of my reading time this week.

I am currently reading:
Glitch - Heather Anastasiu
Glitch (Glitch, #1)
In the Community, there is no more pain or war. Implanted computer chips have wiped humanity clean of destructive emotions, and thoughts are replaced by a feed from the Link network.
When Zoe starts to malfunction (or “glitch”), she suddenly begins having her own thoughts, feelings, and identity. Any anomalies must be immediately reported and repaired, but Zoe has a secret so dark it will mean certain deactivation if she is caught: her glitches have given her uncontrollable telekinetic powers.
As Zoe struggles to control her abilities and stay hidden, she meets other glitchers including Max, who can disguise his appearance, and Adrien, who has visions of the future. Both boys introduce Zoe to feelings that are entirely new. Together, this growing band of glitchers must find a way to free themselves from the controlling hands of the Community before they’re caught and deactivated, or worse.
I Was Jane Austen's Best Friend - Cora Harrison
I was Jane Austen's Best FriendWhen shy Jenny Cooper goes to stay with her cousin Jane Austen she knows nothing of the world of beautiful dresses, dances, secrets, gossip and romance that Jane inhabits. But Jane is already a sharp observer of the customs of courtship, and when Jenny falls utterly in love with the dashing Captain Thomas Williams, who better than Jane to help her win the heart of this most eligible of men? 

What I'm going to read next:
Aldo's Fantastical Movie Palace - Jonathan Frieson
Aldo's Fantastical Movie Palace
In the Darkness of this Theater, Anything Can Happen The family's broken-down theater has always been a safe place for Chloe. There, no one can see the scars that line her face---scars her inventor father accidentally caused, leaving even deeper wounds between them. In the darkness she meets Nick, a boy with his own hurts. While Nick isn't the most pleasant companion, a rocky friendship is formed over their love of films. Soon the two are working on a movie script about a fantastical world---one that suddenly comes alive on the screen. Chloe and Nick are transported into an adventure beyond what they ever imagined, filled with dragons, magical pools, and a sinister vapor that threatens to destroy everyone. But when tragedy strikes, Chloe must find the courage to step out of the shadows and find what she's always longed for.
Faith and the Camp Snob - Jen Jones
Faith and the Camp Snob (Team Cheer, #1)
 Cheerleading uniforms, accessories, and other expenses all add up, and like most schools, Greenview Junior High can't cover all the costs for their cheerleaders. As fund-raising chair, Lissa knows how important it is for her to make sure the cheer team has enough money to enter competitions. But it becomes even more important when she worries her family won't be able to afford her spot on the team.
So that's my week in books! :) I really need to start reading more but I've been in a horrible reading slump lately, so I hope I snap out of it soon! :) If you do this meme, leave me a link and I'll stop by! :)