What I've Been Reading #38 - Reading slump!!

I hope you guys are doing well! 

I'm in a bit of a blogging slump and a reading slump at the moment, so I apologise for the lack of posts. 😖 I've been researching funding methods for university and writing letters and AH IT'S BEEN HECTIC. I really hope I know what's happening soon so that everything can calm down!

I had a really nice week though, despite all the mania! I attended Lucy Powrie's book launch for her debut novel The Paper and Hearts Society! I met Lucy through book blogging when we first started blogging in 2012. I'm so proud of how far she's come and I'm so excited to read her book! I met quite a few people from the book blogging world, so that was great! There were also doughnuts which made me VERY happy.

I also met up with some new friends from church which was so nice! It's always nice making new friends. 😄

I applied for my national insurance number too! Buuuut I have to go back to the job centre (which is 45 MINUTES AWAY) because they didn't get my signature for the one form. 😕

Charlie Bone and the Time TwisterIt Was Only Ever You

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister -| It Was Only Ever You - 
 I'm loving listening to the Charlie Bone on audiobook! The books were everywhere when I was younger and I regret not reading them sooner! It Was Only Ever You is an adult historical fiction I picked up by chance and I really enjoyed it! It was dramatic and fun and I flew through it. 

The Diabolic (The Diabolic, #1)The Blue Boa (Children Of The Red King #3)

I'm currently reading The Diabolic for my book club but I'm really not enjoying it - I think I'll probably DNF it. I can't connect to any of the characters, the world-building isn't great...and I'm just forcing myself to read it at this point. I'm also currently listening to Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa which I'm really enjoying!

The Paper & Hearts Society (The Paper & Hearts Society #1)


How has your week been? What are you currently reading?