Ten books I borrowed from the library and LOVED that I NEED for mys(h)elf!

Yes, I'm aware that is Wednesday and yes, I'm also aware that this is last week's topic. Better late than never though, right? 
It's been crazy the last few weeks adjusting to working, and I'm never sure whether or not I'm coming or going. I'm slowly settling into a routine though, so HERE I AM.
I wanted to do this topic really badly because there are so many books that I've borrowed from the library that I really want to buy for myself. I also love annotating my books and there are quite a few library books that I've LOVED that I need my own copies of so I can tab away. 😀 I also am stuck with only a couple of pictures of some of these books as they've all been returned to the library - it would be nice to get more pictures of them for the blog! 
1. A Curse So Dark and Lonely I recently read this and LOVED IT. It's also super pretty. I so badly want to buy my own copy so I can annotate it and stare at it on my bookshelf. 

2. The Cru…

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