Books I meant to get to in 2018...but didn't. Oops.

Every year I have a list of books I'm definitely going to get to...and then somehow the year is over and I haven't read what I intended to. Whoopsies! 
1. Lady Midnight I was hoping to get to Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows last year...alas, I did not. I'm kind of glad though, as now I can marathon the trilogy. I avoided the pain of cliffhangers -yay! I did, however, managed to read City of Heavenly Fire. It took me, like, five years, but I got there in the end. 
2. Shatter Me series I really thought I was going to get to this series in 2018. I REALLY MEANT TO...but somehow I didn't. I have all the books out from the library now again, so I will get to it this year (she says...)!

3. Obsidio So, I have two reasons I haven't read this year. 1) I'm scared to. The authors are cruel, and there's no guarantee that my babies will make it. 2) I can't really remember what happened...uh oh. I could probably reread them, but I don't love rereading books, as th…

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