The Quintessential Book Tag! 🌞🍨

I love book tags, especially seasonal book tags! I saw this on YouTube and I thought "YES! THAT LOOKS FUN!", so I decided to do it. I can't believe it's August already - it makes me so sad to think of summer ending, so I need to try to fit in as many summery posts as possible! 
If you'd like to do this post, I tag YOU. 💃 If you do this post, leave your link below so that I can check it out! 
1. Iced Drink - a refreshing book 🍹 all the crooked saints by Maggie Stiefvater💘
This book was so unique; it was magical realism at its finest. It was so refreshing to read about characters who in their normality were extraordinary. It was refreshing to read about inner darkness in metaphors of saints and miracles. It was refreshing to see strong family units and realistic relationships.

2. Cotton Candy - a book that was fluffy and sweet
🍭 the unexpected everything by morgan matson🍫
I read this recently and LOVED IT! The romance was so adorable. I hadn't felt that …

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson - EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL AND I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK

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