How the Pandemic Has Affected my Reading and How Reading Has Helped

It's interesting how the pandemic is affecting us all differently. Some people are enjoying the lockdown and others are struggling. Some people find themselves able to do a lot at the moment, whereas others are struggling with motivation. I've noticed it's the same with reading - some people are reading all the things, but the stress and anxiety of the pandemic is making it difficult for other people to concentrate on a book.
Personally, I've been reading more than I ever have before, which I'm surprised by. In the past, when I was stressed or anxious, I would struggle to focus on a book because I was too distracted by the worries racing through my head and the heart palpitations in my chest. BUT, for some reason, despite the stress and anxiety, I've been reading more than ever before.
Because this time around, reading is a coping mechanism. 

I am loving reading at the moment and it's helping me cope with all that's happening in the world. For the …

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