My Autumn TBR Pile!

I love making autumn TBR piles. I’m a seasonal reader, and in the colder months, I love reading fantasy, sci-fi and (if I’m feeling brave enough) thrillers. There’s just something about being wrapped in a cocoon of blankets with a cup of hot chocolate, reading a book about dragons and warlocks as the rain falls and the wind howls. It’s such a magical experience. Here’s a list of books that I hope to get to this year!

1. Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi
I read Shatter Me four years ago and LOVED IT. Half of me is tempted to wait until the other two books are released because I know I’m going to forget everything and will probably have to reread the series anyway. The other half of me wants to delve back into this year. Four years has been too long.

2. Dark Matter trilogy by Teri Terry
Contagion was AMAZING. I absolutely loved reading it and blew through it in a day. I have the last two books out from the library. Again, I can’t remember anything of the first book. So I think I’ll reread C…

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