Stacking the Shelves #111 - NEW SHINY BOOKS

I feel like summer is officially over, yet I'm wearing skirts and shorts because I really don't want summer to be over. It has been 20 degrees though,'s still socially acceptable, right? I also finished my last shift as Summer Reading Challenge volunteer at my local library, so I suppose that's why I feel summer has officially come to an end! I can't believe the summer holidays are over - they went so quickly! 

This week I haven't got as much done as I would've liked, as I came down with a nasty cold this week. I had a really sore throat, headache and fever and am still recovering - I'm sure I'll be 100% in a couple of days! 

I've also done two things I never do this week:
1. Read classic literature
2. Listen to an audiobook


My library has started using two other companies to supply their ebooks and audiobooks, and there's a much bigger and better selection now! I'M SO EXCITED. My parents and I were travelling for about an hour in total to go pick up my mom's bookcase and thought I should download an audiobook to pass the time. I started listening to Emma by Jane Austen (I have no idea why)...and I'M LOVING IT! I first tried reading Emma when I was 16 but only got 40 pages in before putting it aside...and then not picking it back up for 3 years. 😂 I'm listening to the audiobook and reading at the same time, so that I can annotate my physical copy. It's really made me so excited to read more classics and listen to more audiobooks! 

This weekend and the next I've got university open days. I'm nervous, not sure why...but I am. >.< 
My library (and the libraries I use for inter-library loan) have gotten so many new books in! So, naturally, I have to read them and give them attention. *strokes*

THEY'RE SO NEW AND PRETTY. I'm so excited to read Evolution. I've got Deception out from the library, so I want to marathon them sometimes! I can't remember what happened in the first book though, so I'll probably have to reread that. 

I'm SO EXCITED to read LIFEL1K3. I loved Illuminae and Gemina, which Jay Kristoff co-wrote, so I'm excited to read his individual stuff! 

I've heard amazing things about Grace & Fury, so I really hope I love it.

The Secret Deep sounds mysterious and intricate and AH I'M SO EXCITED.

What books did you obtain this week? Do you like listening to audiobooks? Are you a fan of Jane Austen?