I DID IT! I completed all the booktubeathon challenges! *sprinkles confetti*

I had SO MUCH FUN. I participated in reading sprints, and I read pretty much non-stop. I love how every year it pushes me to just read. It's the one week of every year that I know I'll spend the majority of my time just reading and not focusing on other things. Ah, good times! 

There were 7 reading challenges I had to try to complete for booktubeathon. I set out my TBR and was determined to complete all of them. The determination paid off! I didn't completely stick to my TBR pile though (how surprising! not). Below are the challenges with the books I was intending to read as well as the books I did read.

1. Let a coin toss decide your first read
TBR book: Freshers
Book read: Freshers


WOW. WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT?! I actually stuck to my TBR for a book! I enjoyed Freshers but not as much as I thought I would. There was a lot of drinking/swearing/sex/drugs which goes against my morals, so I didn't like it as much for that reason. 

2. Read about something you want to do
TBR book: Every Hidden Thing
Book read: Every Hidden Thing!

Woaaah. Who even am I?! I'm so glad I read this book for this challenge! It featured two protagonists who were archaeologists and into biology. I've always been interested in archaeology but not in biology...and this week I've been reading up on biology and doing an online course for it! It really inspired me to LEARN ALL THE THINGS. 

3. Read and watch a book to movie adaptation 
TBR book: The Last Song
Book read: The Last Song

Okay so, I didn't get to watch the movie adaptation in full, sadly. I thought it was free on Amazon Prime, but it ended up not being free. I should've seen if my library had it, I suppose...
HOWEVER, I'm still counting this as completed, as I watched a few scenes on YouTube. I HAD SO MANY FEELINGS. The Last Song is one of my favourite movies (I watched it back when it first came out), and I NEED to rewatch all of it again!

The book was also AMAZING. I was sobbing at the end of it (ACTUAL TEARS. PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE). SO GOOD.

4. Read a book with green on the cover
TBR book: Graceling
Book read: My Secret YouTube Life

Ah, this is where I began to rebel against my planned TBR. I was going to read Graceling, but I read some reviews and realised it had stuff that wouldn't particularly sit well with me. Instead, I ended up reading My Secret YouTube Life which I had to review for a blog tour! It was a quick read with an important message. 

5. Read a book while reading the same hat the whole time
TBR book: Fire 
Book read: The Girl Who Thought Her Mother Was A Mermaid

Fire wasn't set in stone as I wasn't sure if I was going to read Graceling or not. During the week of the booktubeathon, I went to the library (duh) and checked out TGWTHMWAM (looks like a cat ran across my keyboard hahaaaa), as it looked super cute and quick. It was only 238 pages, so I sat outside in the sun and read it all with my South African rugby cap on! Yay for a completed challenge and no sun burn! 

6. Read a book with a beautiful spine

TBR book: The Last Namsara
Book read: The Cruel Prince

I READ THE CRUEL PRINCE! It was super good. At first I thought "I'M NOT LOVING IT. THE HYPE HAS RUINED IT. EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY", but then I got to around page 200 and fell in love with it. YAY! 

7. Read 7 books 
TBR book: Song of the Current
Book read: Song of the Current

Naw, look at me sticking to my TBR again. I absolutely LOVED Song of the Current; I desperately need the sequel! The banter, the plot, the characters, the romance...'TWAS BEAUTIFUL.

I had SO MUCH fun participating in booktubeathon, and I'm so happy that I managed to complete all the challenges! 

Did you participate in booktubeathon? If so, how many books did you read? Have you read any of these? What did you think?