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IT'S MY FAVOURITE TIME OF THE YEAR. Not because it's autumn, or because it's nearly Halloween and therefore nearly Christmas...but because it's time for the Bath Children's Literature Festival! 

I feel like this post is kind of déjà vu because I was prepping for the Bath festival last year and I had The Call by Peadar O'Guilin checked out the library and look, it's the exact same thing now! (I'm loving The Call, by the way. SUCH A GOOD BOOK). Not a bad thing to have repeated in one's life, methinks.

There's a BRILLIANT line up at the festival this year and I'm SO excited to meet all the fantastic authors and listen to their talks. Thanks to Bath Festivals and my library's YA book group, I have free tickets to some of the YA events which I'm so grateful for! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'll be blogging about the events and I hope you'll enjoy reading about them! If you're interested in any of the events, you can check out the banner below for more information! Here is the list of all the authors speaking at the festival: SUCH A FANTASTIC LINEUP. 

Image result for bath children's literature festival banner

LARA WILLIAMSON: I read The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair last year and I absolutely loved it! I adore middle-grade novels that are emotional and hard-hitting and TBWSTOIAA is definitely one of those books! I have her two others book on my shelf so I'm hoping to read them before the event (not sure if I'll be able to). 

MAGGIE ADERIN-POCOCK: I'm so excited to meet Maggie! She's a space scientist, author and BBC SKY at Night presenter - if that isn't goals, I'm not sure what is! I'm so excited to meet her and listen to her talk. As an aspiring astrophysicist, I'm really looking to that event!

JESS BUTTERWORTH, SARAH DRIVER AND AMY WILSON: I've only read Amy's A Girl Called Owl and I'm dying to read the other two authors' books! They'll be talking about learning how to write for children and teens and publishing deals etc. MUCH EXCITEMENT.

EMILY BARR: I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I absolutely adored The One Memory of Flora Banks and I can't wait to meet the author. The event is titled "Creative Writing Masterclass for Teens" and I believe Barr will be discussing the elements you can use to create a gripping story. I will definitely take her advice because The One Memory of Flora Banks was very thrilling and incredibly gripping!

LAUREN JAMES, TOM ELLEN AND LUCY IVISON: I haven't read any books by these authors but I've ordered a copy of The Loneliest Girl in the Universe which sounds AMAZING and I'm so excited to read it! I also really want to speak to Lauren James because she studied physics and chemistry AND sold her book at 21 - actual inspiration, right there. I want to try to get me a copy of Freshers at the event as I've heard so many good things about it and I can't wait to read it and meet the authors. 

HOLLY SMALE: I absolutely love Holly Smale's books! I haven't read the last two books (GOSH, KYRA. Get with it) so I hope there won't be any spoilers but I'd love to go to the talk as I love Holly's books! I have met her before and she's so sweet!

I'm so excited to meet all these amazing authors, listen what they have to say and get my books signed! 

Have you attended many author events? What has been your favourite author event you've ever attended? LET'S TALK!