I'M BACK! My AS exams ended last Wednesday and I am so relieved that they are over! It feels so good to be blogging again and I'm excited to start fangirling about books (among other things) with you all again. I'm on summer holidays for 6 weeks so let the blogging commence!

So, my AS exams ended last Wednesday. I wrote two English AS exams and 3 AS maths exams. I think they went fairly well except my first maths paper went HORRIBLY and I think it really brought down my total grade for maths which I'm really upset about. I'm trying not to think about it because there's no point stressing about it but MEH. I'm so glad they're over though as school work was MY LIFE for two months, I barely read, I didn't blog or write and now, it's so weird waking up and not having to study, LIKE IS THIS EVEN REAL LIFE?! I'm slowly but surely relaxing more and slipping into holiday mode and it feels so good not having exams to stress about! I get my results mid-August and I'll probably be starting my LAST YEAR OF SCHOOL in the beginning of August which is so crazy to think about! I can't believe it's my last year of high school and then I begin university. I think a part of me is quite sad about it being my last year of school as I enjoy school - so I'm going to embrace it as much as possible and study hard YAS! Time to siriusly channel my inner Hermione! 

The day after my exam I attended a university open day and I really wanted to study at this uni because it's near to where I live, it's a small, cosy campus and it's quite high on the league tables BUT the astrophysics course and the facilities for astrophysics really aren't that great - maybe because that specific course has only been running two years. I was so disappointed after hearing one of the lecturers go into detail about the course because it's very electronic based and that's not something I'm very interested in.

Saturday I had another university open day and I'm so torn about it because I LOVE THE COURSE SO FREAKING MUCH. There are so many more astrophysics module available (for first year too!), the library is amazing (that kind of sold it to be honest), the architecture of the building is incredible and I'm in love with it. HOWEVER, it's a really big university and the university has also received bad press this year with students struggling with mental health and not receiving adequate support which bothers me as I struggle with anxiety and I need to know I'll receive support from the university for it. However, one of  I will be staying at home if I study at this university though, so that will make things a LOT easier! I'm just trying to not worry and put my faith in God because he has a plan, right?

Then on Sunday I went to a South African market where I bought LOADS of South African food (and a cute ring) and heard all the South African accents and saw the South African flag and it made me SO HOMESICK I nearly burst into tears. But I didn't. That would've been slightly awkward. It was such a lovely day though and I had a great time! 

I'm really excited for the rest of my holidays too as I've applied to volunteer at my local library this summer. If my application is accepted I'll be able to help kids sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge, help them choose books to read and discuss books with them - IT'S BASICALLY THE PERFECT JOB FOR ME. I love books and I love children so I really hope I'll be able to volunteer this summer! 

I also have my first classical ballet class tomorrow which I AM SO EXCITED FOR. I haven't had a classical ballet class since I was 5 so I'm really excited! I'll be attending an adult beginners class where the teacher will assess me and place me in an appropriate ballet grade. I want to dance more than once a week and eventually work my way up to going en pointe in a few years - that's always been one of my dreams! It's supposed to be 33 degrees here tomorrow though so wish me luck. XD

SO, that's pretty much what I've been up to and will be up to! Let me know what you've been up to and what your plans are for the summer - let's talk - I've missed you guys!