What I've Been Reading #1

Before I continue with this post, I just want to say how sad I feel about the deaths that have happened in Orlando. It's sickening that people's lives were lost this weekend because of the hate in a person's heart. I'm shocked and I feel so, so sad and I'm just praying that the victims' families will make it through this dark time. Christina Grimmie and the victims of the Orlando shooting were taken from this world far too soon. <3 However, despite this terrible time, I hope that we can all keep positive and try to see good in the world even though it seems nearly impossible at times.

Even though this week has had a dismal, dark start due to the awful occurrences of this weekend, I hope that the rest of our week can be filled with joy, laughter and good times! Sending lots of love, cupcakes and fairy dust your way!
What I've Been Reading (is that even what I called it? I can't even remember) is a post thingy that was inspired by Book Journey's "It's Monday! What are you reading?" that I began writing back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.  I always love seeing what you guys have been reading, what books you've been liking and what books you've been disliking and I thought doing this post every now and then might invite some discussion on what we've all been reading! YAY!

So, as I write this, I've just finished Untamed by A.G. Howard and although I didn't love the first two novellas I LOVED the last one - it was exactly what I was hoping to see! My precious characters really grew, they were adults now, married, having kids...it was just such an emotional experience going on this beautiful journey called life with them. LOVED IT.

I also finished We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and...

Ugh, I found it so incredibly boring, I didn't connect to any of the characters, the writing (although I loved the lyrical prose) made the pacing feel choppy, the ending was surprising (even though I sort of know what the outcome would be as my friend told me) and I did cry because it was sad. But otherwise I was very disappointed with We Were Liars. I'm a black sheep though so you probably shouldn't listen to me.

Now comes the question of what do I read next?! I went to the library even though my room is being taken over by my TBR pile, but I'm stupid rebellious like that and I got SUCH GOOD PRETTIES. Here's a picture. 

They're so beautiful. *faints*

I shall install a poll so you can vote and tell me what to read next because my decision making skills are basically nonexistent. Ooh, I also noticed I chose mainly contemporaries except for Conquest by John Connelly and Jennifer Ridyard (gosh I keep wanting to type Jennifer Connelly, who's an actress, as the author because half their names are her name but I digress) and now I'm really in a fantasy mood, oh the struggle.

Which book should I read next?

Lois Lane: Fall Out
Geek Girl #4: All That Glitters
Violet Ink
Love Letters to the Dead
The Geography of You and Me
Everything Everything
Saint Anything
Do Riddles

I'm also starting my home schooling again shortly but for now, the work won't be too intense so I'm going to read as much as I can! 

So, my wonderful friends! Share with me: what are you currently reading? Have you read any good books lately? What's on your current TBR pile? What did you think of We Were Liars? Let's talk!