Top Ten Tuesday #36 - The last 10 books I've fallen in love with

I've read 21 books this year and I've read some amazing ones. I haven't read ten 5-star reads this year but I have read a lot of 4.5 reads that are nearly 5 star, so I'm going to include those as well! It's close enough, right?

SO! Let's look at my recent reads that I've fallen in love with:

  1. Talon by Julie Kagawa (5)Talon was my first read of 2016 and I LOVED it! I was quite surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did as I'd heard quite negative things about it but I loved it. I loved the plot and I loved the main character and I loved the romance...I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  1. Am I Normal Yet? By Holly Bourne (5): I'll let you onto a little secret...I actually DNFed this book when I was around 100 pages in because the honest, gritty portrayal of OCD made me feel anxious. However, I decided that I really wanted to finish AINY and I read it and I completely loved it. It's such an amazing book and I highly recommend it.
  1. The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair by Lara Williamson (4.5)I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was such a charming, whimsical yet emotional read about death and family and brothers and ah – I absolutely adored it!
  1. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (4.5): I originally rated this 5/5 cupcakes but although I absolutely loved it, it wasn't an all-time favourite. I loved the characters, the adventure, the romance and the writing in this book. It certainly swept me away and I cannot wait for the sequel!
  1. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (5): This book was freaking amazing! The characters were so real and once I'd finished the book I felt like I'd just made a few new best friends – I love it when that happens! I also really appreciated the themes it explored such as doing what makes you happy and not what society expects of you.
  1. White Cat by Holly Black (4.5): I saw Cait from Paper Fury had recommended this book so I had to give it a go, right? AND I'M SO GLAD I DID. I loved the main character and the crime family and the magic and ah, it was such a unique book – I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy!
  1. Splintered by A.G. Howard (5): GUYS. This book was so flipping amazing. It was like a creepy, Gothic Wonderland with phenomenal characters and snark and delectable writing and AH, I LOVED IT.
  1. Half Wild by Sally Green (5): It was quite funny. I didn't really love Half Bad and I wasn't keen to continue the series but then I read Half Wild and it BLEW MY MIND. I LOVED IT SO MUCH AND I LOVED THE CHARACTERS AND THE STORY AND THE WRITING AND ASDFGHJKL.
  1. Half Lost by Sally Green (5): I finished this last night hence why this post is a day late. I had a feeling that I was going to rate this book 5 cupcakes (which I did) and I didn't want to leave it off the list if it was 5/5. This book totally broke my heart and it was amazing and I'm going to start crying again if I think about it SO LET'S NOT EVEN GO THERE.
  1. Storm by Brigid Kemmerer (4.5): I've always been interested in this series and when I saw this in my local library I didn't hesitate to snatch it up. This book was so fast-paced, I loved the witty one-liners, I loved the romance and the plot was fantastic!
Those were my top 10 recent reads! Have you read any of these? What book was your last 5 star read? Let me know!