Need to Read #2 - Popular YA Series I'd Like to Start

Remember that one time I had an idea for a meme? No, me either as it was eight months ago (how is time going so fast?! How?). Today I was thinking about all the YA books I still need to read, especially popular YA books that everyone and their pet alpaca has read except me. SO, I remembered I once made a meme (which you can check out here) and it's basically where I compile a list of certain books and then I try to tick off those books because I want to read every book ever which is impossible but I can dream okay.

I also thought I'd do a wrap-up of the previous Need to Read post and see how many books I've read from that list, spoiler: not many. The ones with the pink check mark I've read, as you can see I haven't read many from the list but at least it's something, right?? On this list I have the following on my bookshelf: The Raven Boys, Throne of Glass, We Were Liars, City of Heavenly Fire and A Great and Terrible Beauty, so I should read them shortly methinks!

SO! Today I was thinking there are so many YA series that I would like to start and I'm going to compile a list of those books! If you would like to make your own list of Popular YA Series You'd Like to Start, make a post and leave the link in the comments!

Popular YA Series I'd Like to Start:

I KNOW IT'S EMBARRASSING OKAY DON'T JUDGE ME. BUT I'm going to print this list and I'm going to work my way through this list! Summer is around the corner and then I shall read all day, every day YAS. 

I'm particularly excited about reading Vampire Academy (even though I'm terrified of vampire books because ew, blood), Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (I saw the trailer and I need this book in my life), Throne of Glass (everyone loves that book, I swear), The Raven Boys (Cait recommended it and Cait is good at recommending *nods*) and The Winner's Curse (Fun fact: I've dreamed that I've bought this book three times but I still don't have it, unfortunately). Which book should I read first?? LET'S VOTE!

Which book should I read first?

I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
These Broken Stars
The Raven Boys
Throne of Glass
The Selection
Under the Never Sky
Vampire Academy
The Winner's Curse
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