Valentine's Week #1 - Favorite OTPs!

Hi everybody!

I thought I'd do a Valentine's day week-long special as I adore Valentine's day. It contains love, chocolates and the colour pink (which is my favorite colour, if you hadn't guessed). I was inspired to write a series of posts for Valentine's day because I feel like love and relationships and friendships are things that feature a lot in the books we love and I thought it would be nice to do a bookish themed Valentine's week special!

SO, for my first post I thought I would do a post on my favorite OTPs. It's something all us readers have, a ship that makes us screech and flail and fall in love, fill oceans with our tears and terrify our friends by our gibberish ramblings. 
I don't have just one OTP (OTP stands for One True Pairing which is wishful thinking, really), I have several and today I am going to share with you my favorite fictional couples. Tell me yours in the comments so we can fangirl together and become best friends. FUN!

*Pictures below aren't mine but were found on Google!*

1. Percabeth from Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series are two of my favorites, not only because of the wit and the amazing characters and the fantastic plot but because of PERCY AND ANNABETH! They're so adorable together and they're both so brave and it was a slow-burn romance and they would die for each other and THEY'RE JUST UTTERLY PERFECT.
Percy Jackson / Annabeth Chase / Percabeth // art by Viria..... According to Viria, she "didn't even try"on this one.  ....... Well that's nice. It still turned out flawless!!: Percabeth... Awesome drawing, I like this style for some mysterious reason:


Just look

2. Eddie and Jo from These Shallow Graves

HOLY MOTHER OF SHIPS. I adore Jo and Eddie! They solve mysteries together, Eddie treats Jo as an equal where, at the time, men were viewed with more respect. He allows her to speak her mind and listens to her, he respects her opinion, he's protective of her but just the right amount as he knows she's capable of doing things by herself. 

3. Wessa from The Infernal Devices

No matter how many books I read, how many fictional boyfriends I fall in love with, Will Herondale is always at the top. I absolutely adore him as well as his relationship with Tessa. They talk about books with each other, they're protective of each other, they're so utterly adorable but they completely break my heart too. 

Will and Tessa in the Holy Water scene - the-infernal-devices Fan Art:  
Tessa Gray & Will Herondale..................................................................:...........¿and Jem Castairs?:
// Will Herondale // Tessa Gray // TID // Quotes // Cassandra Clare // why is there a river on my face? Does anyone know what life is?:

4. Beth and Ryan from Dare You To

OH MY FREAKING GOSH. I remember reading this book and bawling my eyes out because of how amazing the characters were and the romance. Beth and Ryan are polar opposites (on the exterior), she's got a troubled past and seems damaged and Ryan is the golden boy who everyone thinks has a perfect life but he's just as damaged on the inside and then Beth is too afraid to love and Ryan shows her he's there for her. MY HEART.

5. Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our stars

How could I not include them on my list?! Their story completely obliterated my heart because they were so perfect for each other, they had found a beautiful, once in a lifetime kind of love that was snatched from them so shortly after given. They brought sunshine into each other's lives when the world threatened to cave in. I found their story truly beautiful and I still think of them sometimes.

the fault in our stars is such an awsome movie I love autgus waters and hazel grace watch this movie free here:

Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley The Fault in Our Stars Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters:

6. Tris and Four from the Divergent trilogy

I remember Fourtris was the first ship that I really became obsessed with. The Divergent trilogy holds so many amazing memories for me and Tris and Four are characters I've fallen in love with. I love how protective they are of each other, how much they love each other and I'm still very upset about the ending of Allegiant because MY BABIES.

#FourTris is worth it to US!!! See their love unfold in theaters NOW:

These are my top OTPs! I have many, many more but these hold a special place in my heart.
Do you love any of these? Who are your favorite OTPs?