Exams are over, my holiday TBR pile and pretty massive news!


It has been a long, really long five months full of studying and past papers and panicking but it's finally over. I can read again. I can blog again. I can live a life outside of textbooks. IT'S FABULOUS.

I think my exams went well, but I'm not confident at all about my physics paper as there was stuff in the alternative to practical that I had never really seen before and I think I got a really bad mark for it so I'm extremely nervous about my results. But we'll see what happens!

Also, because it's finally holiday, I've decided to compile a holiday TBR pile! I'm on holiday for 3 weeks and I'm going to write, read, sing, plan future novels and just have an all round glorious time that doesn't involve studying!

Here is my physical holiday TBR pile! I'm so excited to FINALLY getting around to them!  I can't wait to FINALLY finish the Harry Potter series but I know that I'm going to be so sad when it's over! I also got Eleanor & Park at the library today, as well as An Abundance of Katherines and I can't wait to read them as they are both books that I've been wanting to read for awhile. Monument 14 is an apocalyptic novel, I think, and one that I've been looking forward to for what feels like ages and I'm so happy that I'll finally get the chance to read it! Why We Broke Up and Time Between Us has been on my wishlist forever so when I finally saw them at the library today I immediately jumped at the chance to check them out! Have you read any, and what did you think?

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(For the ones you can't see clearly, it's Harry Potter books 5,6,7, Eleanor & Park, An Abundance of Katherines and Why We Broke Up!)

Lastly, I have absolutely MASSIVE news!:


We've been mulling over this decision for awhile now and we finally made up our minds two months ago. We've sold our house and we're busy packing and everything is happening slightly too fast, but it's exhilarating. I'm going to really miss my friends and the weather, but we just thought that for my mom's health and my studying, it would be better to go now! We've lived there before and I wasn't really too keen on it, but I'm determined to have a positive outlook and to make the most of it!

I'm really looking forward to attending book fairs and possibly meeting British book bloggers as well!

So here's my post-exam recap post! Now excuse me while I go catch up on like, five months of reading I've missed out on.


  1. Welcome back, my dear!! I was wondering where you went. Congrats on finishing your studies. I have two and a half more weeks and then I'M DONE!!! Oh wow, you're moving to England?! So cool! I've always wanted to visit there. :)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Thank you! I've missed the blogosphere SO MUCH! Ahh yay, you're almost done! I know, it's slightly nerve-wracking but I'm excited.:D

  2. Phew about the exams. Your TBR photo doesn't load for me, but books sound great. And moving to England, how exciting! x

  3. Congrats on your exams! I have to study for one more week, and then a week after that for SAT subjects, but after that I am free as well. :D It's so exciting you're moving to England! Good luck with all the packing and such. :)

    1. Thank you! Good luck for the next two weeks! :)

  4. Is there are reason you are moving to England (like, a job?) or just because you can? :D Very exciting (and probably a little scary too?) Good luck with the move and yeaaaaay for being done with exams.

  5. I am going to miss my best book buddy so much! But we definitely have to Skype every single day to talk about all the wonderful bookish things that we have been doing!

  6. YOU'RE BACK AND IT'S GLORIOUS. I'm pretty sure your grades will be great! And it's so exciting that you're moving. I can't even believe it. I hope we could meet once as well then -and do aaaall of the bookish things :D

  7. Where about in England are you going to live?


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