Bout of Books 12.0 - Update: Day 1!

Bout of Books

I LOVE THIS READATHON SO MUCH. It's honestly so much fun. I was supposed to start schoolwork yesterday (I'm home-schooled) but then I actually started today so I read for most of yesterday. I read 400 pages of the 7th Skulduggery Pleasant Book (Kingdom of the Wicked) which is 600 pages and I'm hoping to finish it today!

How's Bout of Books going for you?! 

Number of pages read today: 400
Number of books read today: 0
Number of pages read in total: 400
Number of books read in total: 0


  1. Oh wow 400 pages in a 600 page book. I'm impressed! Hope you are enjoying your book (:
    Bout of Books is going good for me. I read 1 novel and a manga.

  2. Good luck!! You can do this, Kyra :D Whoa, 400 already? I'm impressed :)


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