Top Ten Tuesday #18 - Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table

These are the Top Ten Books Characters that would be Sitting at my Lunch Table:

1. Harriet Manners
After reading and loving Geek Girl and Model Misfit by Holly Smale a few weeks back, I instantly adored all the characters, especially our quirky, funny, genius protagonist, Harriet. She constantly had me laughing whilst teaching me a lot of things and she is just so hilariously funny and remarkably clever, I would love to have her at my lunch table.

2. Will Herondale
*Fans self* *faints* *drools* *faints again* I am literally in love with Will Herondale and he will always be my ultimate book boyfriend! We would have long discussions about books whilst eating chocolate mousse and it would just be perfect :')

3. Tessa Gray
I would need Tessa to be there if Will were there, can you imagine the witty banter that would be exchanged?!

4. Simon Lewis
I absolutely frikkin' adore Simon, he's so funny and nerdy and cute and GAH! I think he'd really add some humour to the table but he'd probably get frustrated with having to deal with another Herondale.

5. Daisy Wells and 6. Hazel Wong
I recently read A Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens and I absolutely fell in love with the characters! Daisy and Hazel have such a good friendship and they are both so headstrong and brave and often had me cracking up. They would have to be at my lunch table so that they could entertain all of us with their latest espionage findings.

7. Hazel Lancaster and 8. Augustus Waters
THESE TWO would just make EVERYTHING better! Augustus would speak about profound things and have all of us contemplating the meaning of life and Hazel would crack everyone up by being snarky and funny as she always is.

9. Anne Shirley
 I would definitely have 11 year old Anne at my lunch table, she says the most interesting and amusing things and has such a sweet disposition, she would have something funny and original to say about everything.

10. Leo Valdez
I just absolutely LOVE Leo to be at my lunch table! He has an amazing personality and sense of humour and he would make EVERYONES' day better. He's just so funny and charismatic and he has this sensitive side and I just.