Discussion Post: Seasonal Reading

I am a summer person. I love summer. I love the heat, I love the sun, I love lying in the sun, I love the summer vibe and I love everything about summer. I love the fluffy contemporary books I read while sitting outside, a warm breeze ruffling my hair, whilst watching the sunset paint it's fiery light across the sky. Whenever the air changes and I start to feel that winter chill, I like it for a few weeks and then I want summer back. This year, I am surprisingly looking forward to winter! At first this befuddled me, but then I realised why. I have such good bookish memories of winter. When I was 12 I read the Twilight series, I remember it being dark and rainy and I was huddled up under the blanket totally lost in that world. (I was 12, my reading taste wasn't as refined back then. Don't judge me haha!) I loved that in the Twilight books it was this dark atmosphere and in reality it was also dark and rainy and the book fitted that kind of weather perfectly.

Where I live, the summers can be pretty hot and the winter weather can be pretty bad. Hectic rain, gale force like winds and biting cold weather. Not so nice if you're an active person or someone who is out and about a lot, but for me it's perfect as long as it's not constant. I 
love lying under the blanket on the couch, curled up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a good book. We had that kind of weather last week and I loved it, especially as the books I were reading were paranormal type books. 

In winter I like reading books in the paranormal/fantasy genre because it's just enhances the reading experience. If you're reading a book with ghosts in or  vampires or so, it's so much more exciting and frightening reading it when the rain is lashing the windows and the wind is howling, instead of on a hot summer's day at the beach.

My reading changes with the seasons. In autumn I like to read peaceful, mellow books. In summer I like to read fun contemporary romances. In winter I like to read paranormal/dystopian books. In spring I like to read classics, like Anne of Green Gables and such.

Does your reading change with the seasons? Can you recommend any good wintery/magical/dystopian books?