Top Ten Tuesday #11 - Top Ten Bookish Resolutions

Top Ten Bookish Resolutions
1. Read more of my review books
The number of review books, be they physical copies or e-galleys, is completely overwhelming and this year, I really want to focus on making that huge pile of books considerably smaller.

2. Get my Netgalley ratio to a higher number

At the moment my ratio is shockingly, pathetically low and it's supposed to be at 80%. So this yearI'm going to specifically be working on that!

3. Comment more on other blogs

I don't comment as much as I should on other blogs, as my schoolwork is pretty hectic, but I will try and comment on more blogs this year.

4. Not buy as many books

I buy books A LOT and I've barely read any of them and it's reaching a point of being ridiculous, so this year I'm going to try to not buy as many books.

5. Post more on my blog

Last year, I wanted to try and post as much as possible but there were some months where I barely posted at all. So this year, I want to definitely post more.

6. Schedule posts

I have tons of reviews scheduled, which is a good thing...but I need to learn to schedule other posts too! I'm quite disorganised and I want to try and be a lot more organised this year!

7. Be on time with ARCS

In South Africa, we don't really get ARCS we just get recently published novels to review, which luckily relieves some of the stress of having to make sure a review is out by a certain time. But with my e-galleys it's a different story. They have dates they need to be reviewed by as well as archived dates and I need to work on getting the reviews up in a timely manner. 

8. Review books that I received from authors

I feel so guilty about this, I have quite a few books I received to review from authors and I really need to try and get them read and reviewed soon!

9. Post more original content

I love it when other book blogs have discussion/personal posts! So this year, I really want to have more of a variety of posts on my blog!

10. Resist taking out books from the library

Sigh. I always take out tons of books at the library, when I have enough of my own to read. It doesn't help that I go every week since it's next to where I do my dancing and I go there while I wait for my lesson to begin. But from today, I shall not just take random books out of the library, but only if I really REALLY REALLLYYY want to read it.

These are my top ten bookish goals! What are yours?


  1. You have some great goal! I'm really hoping to get my NetGalley score higher too. I get in trouble at the library so I relate well to that goal! Happy New Year :)

  2. Wonderful goals! I really get you on the eARCs. It's just so easy to get behind on them! It's definitely a goal of mine to get those read in a more timely manner.

    And, haha, I get the library resistance thing so much. I mean, the times I shouldn't check out a ton are the days that they have EVERYTHING I've been wanting to read.

    Good luck with your goals! You can do it!

    1. I know right! When I need a new read, I often go to my bookshelf instead of looking at what I have on my Kindle, so my ebooks are often forgotten >.<

      I know, I suck at not taking books out of the library. In fact, I'll probably go in there soon and get new books. One of my talents IS ignoring the fact that I have practically my own library of UNREAD books at home and then getting more books out at the library ;D

  3. Great resolutions, Kyra! I love setting goals and reading other people's bookish goals :) I'm going to try and review more books too. I need to take Net Galley more seriously too :/ I have about 2 books atm that need reviewing but I've had them since October...

    Resisting books from the library is so hard... I always come out with a whole bag full. I mean... FREE BOOKS! WHO COULDN'T RESIST THAT? :P Good luck!

  4. I completely feel for you on the library one! Those books are like drugs with vocal chords calling your name. I definitely need to shower more attention on my own books as compared to library books too!

    Happy Tuesday & I hope you can accomplish all your resolutions!

  5. Your resolutions are great - I hope you do well with them all! I think I might try and join in with Top Ten Tuesday - I'll see if I can do it next week, but you make it look fun! I'm going to try and finish all my review books before requesting new ones, but most of mine are similar to yours! Great post again! Orli :D

  6. I do the same thing with my library. Any time I stop by to pick up books, it's more of wishful thinking than realistic expectations than I'll get them read. But it's nice to have them, just in case.

    I went on a book buying binge a couple of months ago, and I think I've read exactly zero. I'm doing better now, though!

    Stephanie @ Inspiring Insomnia

  7. I usually have a good Netgalley ratio -- not quite 80% but close. Then I'll request a bunch of books all at once and when the approvals start coming in my ratio falls. It shouldn't matter, but I'd like to get it back up there again.

  8. Good luck with your goals! Staying on top of ARCs is a big one for me as well!


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