Stacking the Shelves #56

Stacking the Shelves

Hi guys! I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Christmas! I didn't get as many books as I'd hoped for Christmas (as my parents refuse to buy me any books due to my TBR pile that has taken over my room...and the garage) but I am happy with the three that I did get!

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)Pride and Prejudice (Modern Library Classics)Jane Eyre

I'm really excited for Scarlet, I absolutely adored Cinder and when I received Scarlet from my aunt I was absolutely ECSTATIC! I'm also really glad I got these two classics as I've been wanting to read them for awhile!

Mystic City (Mystic City, #1)Chime

I have been wanting to read Mystic City, since I first heard of it when it was first released. When I saw this for such a good price I was ecstatic and immediately bought it! Will be reading this very soon! I also bought Chime, it's one of my new favourites and I absolutely loved it! Since I got my copy for the library, I thought it would be nice to get myself a copy and what a bargain it was! Only R18, which is equivalent to $1.70 in US dollars, so I got it for a great bargain! 
To Review:
We Were Liars

I'm super-DUPER excited for this book! I have heard great things about it and I just can't wait to read it!