Library Wish-list Challenge

As book lovers, we all have a book wish list, and they are generally very lengthy. Whenever we see a new book that looks amazing we add it to our wish list to buy. But how often do we think, let me rather check if the local library or second-hand book-shop has it? I am doing this challenge to see how many books I can cross off my wish list but they must be from the library, a second-hand book-store or on sale. I crossed off quite a few books on my wish list last year thanks to my awesome library, so I can't wait to see what amazing books I will get this year from it too! :) If you would like to join me on this Library Challenge, create a post on your blog and leave a link in the comments section! :)

Kyra's wishlist book montage

*Alphabetical order. First 200 out of 317 on Wish List*

Hunting Lila
The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life
May Bird and the Ever After
Tiger Lily
Level 2
The One and Only Ivan
The Nightmare Affair
Running in Heels
Of Poseidon
Siege and Storm
The Look
Audrey, Wait!

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  1. Holy wowza! So much epic in this though! Like Scarlet, Hunting Lila, and Things I Can't Forget. I could name like 20 others >.<

  2. This is such a brilliant feature to do! I'm so going to do this challenge with you! I will add my link later in the week/ beginning of next week! I know what you mean! I can seen a lot of books that I want to read desperately! :D xxx


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