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Hi guys!

Happy Friday!

We have no water. We haven't had water since yesterday afternoon and its horrible not having any water. Hopefully it'll be back soon!

Also, I got some maths and science that I need to do this year and its been quite busy so I might not be able to blog as much and every day as I was hoping! :(  I also haven't been reading too much as we've just started building and my dogs went for an operation so I'm sorry for not having long reviews or posts :( 

How's your Friday been? xxx 


  1. No water?! Poor you! I hope it comes back on soon!
    Maths and science! Not really my favourite subjects! But then I'm an English geek at heart! We will all understand if you take a little break or don't post as much as sometimes we need a break to really concentrate on stuff.

    Hope everything goes well!

  2. Aww, poor you! Having no water must be horrible especially since where you are in so hot. Stay safe <3
    I hate maths and science - like Lucy, I am an English geek at heart! Good luck with all your work, I hope you do well. It is OK to take a break, we all do it.
    I'll also pray for you dogs, I hope they recover well!
    I hope you're OK and we'll see you soon xx


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