Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 Recap and 2013 Resolutions/goals/books I want to read!

First of all,
I hope everyone has an amazing 2013!

 I can't believe fast time has flown, it was like just yesterday we were celebrating the beginning of 2012. Last year (it feels so weird referring to 2012 as last year lol!), was a tough time for me, there were some great moments but there was some also pretty rubbish ones as well. I developed bad anxiety and panic attacks and had to be taken out of school because of it. Its been doing better though which I am thankful for, I wasn't able to step out of the door or go in the car, and that was hard as I am thirteen years old and I want to live life. But its doing better, I can go out to the mall now and experience more stuff now. 

I am also going to be home schooled now with an American, Christian programme. The reading material is very good, I will be able to read Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice and many other great books, so I'm really looking forward to that! I will try and blog daily but with the amount of school work I'll be doing I might be scarce, but I will try and make time for my blog! <3

Also I saw my best friend two weeks ago, she lives far away and we only see each other once a year, and it was great seeing her again! My mom's best friend also moved down with her family , she has five kids! And its been great having company as it can be lonely sometimes.

2012 is also the year I started my blog. I love blogging and have enjoyed every moment of it. I have met so many amazing people and read so many amazing books and I just want to thank all my followers and bloggy friends for making my blogging experience so enjoyable. 

Thank you to:
Eileen is an..interesting creature. She's funny. She's weird. She goes bonkers/hysterical/madder and weirder than ausual, when anyone mentions the word Julie Kagawa or The Iron Fey.  She is the Spazzy Alligator. She is really helpful, when I first came into the blogging world, I didn't have an inkling of what to do, and Eileen put up with my constant questions, so thank you Eileen! :D 
Zoe is one of the sweetest people ever! We have so much in common and I can talk to her for hours about books, reading and life. She's seriously amazing!
Jess is also another really sweet friend. Ours taste in books is really similiar and we get a long really well. Jess was also one of my first blogging friends, and I think she was the first person I interviewed on my blog, and my first interview in the blogging world, was me being interviewed by Jess. 
Lucy and I became friends recently on Twitter. (I got Twitter in August and I am addicted to it! :D I have made so many new friendships via it and I absolutely love Twitter! :D :D :D) Lucy and I like talking about our Kindles, when she got her Kindle Fire (Sylvie) for her birthday, I was just as excited as her. Whenever I go to the library and get new books out, Lucy is usually the first one I tweet...we like looking at my library pile and discussing which books I should read first etc. Lucy can also be a bit mental sometimes :p
Emma! Emma is such a fun, happy, bubbly person and I love talking to her on Twitter! I only became friends with Emma a couple of months ago, I'm not sure how haha! Me and Emma are also planning a meme that we are going to start on our blogs, and she is designing the graphics for it, and she is amazing at graphic work!
Terri-Maree is my South African book-blogging buddy. We are constantly talking about books, talking about our latest book hauls, and her pet ducklings :D They sound so cute <3 She is really awesome and you have to talk to her :D
Tammy is also one of my South African book-blogging buddies. Her reviews are absolutely stunning, her blog deserves more followers and comments, as her reviews are simply amazing!
Rebecca is one of my blogging buddies, we have talked quite a bit on Twitter, but this year I want to chat to her more and get to know more about her as she seems really sweet and lovely.
Annabelle is really sweet and a nice person. I also want to get to know her more and talk to her a lot this year, as I think we will have a lot in common. She also always has fantastic giveaways on her blog, so I suggest you check it out!
I made friends with Rebekah during NaNoWriMo, she has written a book and it was super fun discussing writing with her. We also have similar taste in books, so of course we have to discuss who our latest book boy crushes are :p
I've only chatted to Atmika a few times, but she has a wonderful personality and loves reading the same books as me! :D And her blog design is absolutely gorgeous! :D

The bloggers I mentioned above are awesome, so check their blogs out (if you click on their names it will take you to their blog), follow them and start chatting, they will make your blogging experience all the more worthwhile. PS. The bloggers mentioned are the ones I converse with the most and who I am good friends with, if you weren't mentioned don't feel offended, as their would be too many of you to mention *hugs*

But moving on, here is my 2013 g0als/resolutions and a wrap up of 2012! :D

Books I Resolve to Read in 2013:

1. The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
I tried reading The Hunger Games in 2012, but I just couldn't get into it...hopefully this time I will be able to, as I have heard from many, MANY people, that the trilogy is amazing.

2. Insurgent - Veronica Roth
I can't believe I haven't read this yet...I have it on my review pile, to review, and i'm probably going to read it next, once I've finished Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson

3. Fated - Alyson Noel
I received this to review a couple of months ago, and I have heard that people have enjoyed it, so I will definitely be reading this very soon, I'm really looking forward to it.

4. The Hobbit - J.R.R. 
I have to tell you guys this funny story. Okay, it was Christmas Eve and I didn't have a present for my dad, I had bought my mom this stunning notebook and pen, but I hadn't bought my dad anything, as whenever I ask him what he wants he says, "Nothing", but I wanted to buy him something (and I love wrapping presents), so I really didn't know what to get him, but he LOVES reading. So, since I have about 60 books that I kept out while we building a house, I thought I could browse my books and see what to give him (I know, so bad of me *facepalm*), since most of my books are either lovey-dovey young adult contemporaries, or lovey-dovey paranormal fantasy novels, I thought I wouldn't find anything in my own, personal library/book store, but ALAS, I did! THE HOBBIT! So I was like, "Kyra, you brilliant person, you actually have something your dad can read!" My dad has read The Hobbit before but he wants to see the movie, so I saw an opportunity and seized it, he can now re-read it before he watches the movie! So that was my dad's Christmas present. I really want to read The Hobbit though, so I will definitely be reading this, this year :D

5. The Gallagher Girls series - Ally Carter
My one friend in England loves this series and recommended it to me, I have the first one on my kindle and I bought the fourth one at a charity store, but I saw the other books in myfavourite bookshop a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping my parentals will buy me the other three books for my birthday (which is in 41 days :D)

Bookish/Bloggyish Goals and Resolutions:

1. Read more of my own books
I have literally over a thousand books (kindle/physical/review)  that I need to read. Last year, I kept getting books out at the library and neglecting the books I owned, so this year, I'm going to try and knock my TBR pile down my quite a bit.

2. Reach 500 followers
I'm really proud of the amount of followers I have reached since I started my blog in March. I still remember when I just had one follower on the blog and I went around to everyone saying I had one follower lol! But I have almost 400 and I'm so proud of that! I want to talk to all my followers, and get to know them, which brings me onto to resolution/goal number 3...
3. Interact and bond with all my followers

I am so grateful and appreciative of all my amazing, wonderful, awesome, inspiring followers :D I want to bond with every single one of them and build up more friendships with fellow book bloggers! If anyone ever want to get in touch with me, they can get hold of me on Twitter, @Bookaholic007, as I am addicted to it and will probably reply to you within 10 seconds :D

4. Comment more on other blogs
I really feel guilty, as I more often than not, read someone's blog post and then don't comment because I'm busy, but starting from today, 1/1/2013, *places hand on chest*, I solemnly swear to comment more regularly on blogs :D

5. Read 200 books
Last year, I only read 125 books, and that is a really low number for me, in previous years I use to read 250 books a year, but then again they were thin, middle-grade books...but still! I want to read 200 this year :D 

6. Blog every day
Last year I was slacking with my blogging, and I do apologise for that. This year I want to try and blog every day. I want to do more interviews on my blog and more discussion posts, and if you would like to request an interview with me, I will happily interview you, and if you want, vice versa. You can get hold of me at my email address: bookaholic007 (at) gmail (dot) com :D

Those are my only resolutions for now, but I'll probably think of more later, which needs to be soon as the whole point of resolutions is to begin from day one and stick to it throughout the year...XD

2012 Blogging and Reading Stats:
Followers: 363
Page views: 16'919 
Number of Reviews: 71

Books read: 125
Pages read: 28378

I'm hoping that all those number will be a few amounts higher when I do a post similar to this the end of this year :D



    AND THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!! AND YOU REMEMBERED SYLVIE!!!! SHE IS SO HONOURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Awww thank you so much for mentioning me in your post, I'm deeply honoured! Haha! I really don't know how we started to be friends either. Haha! I'm looking forward to out meme as well.

    Another thing, I have to agree with Lucy on this.... WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ INSURGENT, ITS BEYOND AWESOME! And the Gallagher Girls series is one of my favourites, I can't wait for you start it! Eeeeeeeeeep!

    You have been an amazing friend tooo! xxx

  3. I hope 2013 is a great year for you! :)

    I also need to read the divergent series... I feel like I am the only person who has not read it! I might get it when all of the series comes out so I can read it back to back because I have heard that there are some painful cliff hangers in that series! :)

    Happy reading for 2013 and good luck with your resolutions :) xxx

  4. Awwwwww Kyra, that it so sweet of you to mention me ! I remember you first ever email to me, and all of those books you mentioned that we'd both read and loved. I really enjoy being friends with you and talking about bookish things together on Twitter!

    Good luck with all of your resolutions, they are fab ideas! I also would love to talk with my followers more. :)

    Happy New Year! Bring on 2013, and all the books that are coming out! xxxxx

  5. Kyra!!! So glad your health is better this year and you've ended on a high. You're so sweet and happy, your tweets always cheer my day up :D
    There will be so many more book boyfriends to discuss in 2013, I've got a feeling ;)
    Your New Year's resolution is that you HAVE to tell me as soon as you finish the Hunger Games. Seriously, so much to discuss!
    I've got the first Gallagher girls novel to read too so we can buddy read if you like?

    Hope this year brings you happiness, dreams and a new novel ;) xxx



    Anyway, I must tell you a secret: I actually AM a creature called a narwal! ;D Narwals, narwals, swimming in the ocean, making a commotion. Narwals, narwals, swimming in the ocean, making a commotion. (I actually don't know the rest of the song, only that part, so I'm content with repeating it over and over again before you run away.)

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    WAIT NO COME BACKKKKK *clings* WHERE ARE YOU GOING NNOOOOOOOOO *falls onto the floor* *runs in circles* *crashes through a wall* *flails arms* *SPAZZY ALLIGATORS*


    I probably need to finish my own library books more, lol. I always return them because I don't feel a certain URGE to read them, know what I mean? Or am I like the opposite penguin of the world?

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll pop? The world MAY NEVER KNOW.

    Pretty much. ^_^


    1. SPAZZY ALLIGATOR!!! Or are you a narwhal now..?

  7. Thanks for mentioning me, Kyra. You are so sweet and amazing. :)
    And you haven't read Hunger Games, yet? WHY? Read, read right now. :D

    Here's hoping to more chats in the future. Have a great 2013!
    I need to make some resolutions too. :p

  8. Thanks for stopping by -- yes, absolutely do stats and graphs next year. It's good practice in learning to do spreadsheets -- maybe you can convince your homeschooling teacher that it's math and statistics!

  9. AWW! Thank you so much for saying those lovely things about me! *hugs* :D You're an amazing bloggy friend too and I love talking to you! :)

    Good luck with your resolutions, I pretty much have the same ones :) I need to read LOADS more... my TBR pile is drowning me D:

    Blogging everyday is a good one, I don't think I could do it though! Good luck, you are an amazing blogger so I think you'll do it :D Looking forward to all your amazing posts :) <3 xx

  10. Thank you so much for the kind mention - it really does warm my heart <3 I am quite glad to have met you! Good luck for your new school programme, I loved reading Romeo and Juliet. It has some really funny parts in it, the word play is brilliant.

    We can discuss if you want to. And it's good to watch Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, he translated it wonderfully. Maintaining the Shakespearean language with modern scenery and dress.

    You are going to love Fated by Alyson Noel, I still need to read Echo, it has such an interesting world. Best of luck with your 2013 goals :)

  11. Oh Kyra, that's so lovely, thank you :)
    Good luck with your resolutions for this year, I hope you make them! :)


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