Thursday, 22 November 2012

Personal post #2

So this week has been awfully busy. My gran's visiting for a week to help us pack, and all my precious books are going to storage soon! As my mom's friend with her five kids is moving into the house we're living in at the moment and we are moving into its studio/granny flat thing while we build. And the place is small. *wails* I'm only allowed to keep my physical review copies out and a couple of others. I'm going to really miss seeing them displayed in my room 

My dear mother is also kindly advising (forcing) me to give away the books I have read. She says I'm hoarding, I say I'm a bookaholic, I have a never-ending TBR pile, and I like to keep some of the books that I have read. She still thinks I'm hoarding. >.<

My blog might be going a bit slower the next few months, as I'll be doing harder schooling, it'll be summer and I'll be on the beach frequently, swimming and trying to spot sharks. AND I'll be playing with my friends, and my best friend is coming for a few days which I am MEGA excited about! XD

I will (of course) be on Twitter 24/7 if you want to chat to me, and I will be posting reviews twice a week as well as a couple of memes, and I'll (from now on) try and do a personal post every Friday if there is any news!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my American readers, hope you had a great day! 

Have a lovely weekend! :D xxx


  1. I am moving soon too! Completely understand the bookaholic thing.. my mum keeps asking me to give some of my books away and I refuse every time! Good luck with your move :) xxx <3

  2. I'm moving in a couple of weeks too! I'm really excited though, cos my new room has a cupboard-under-the-stairs and I am allowed to set up a book nook in there :)

  3. EEK sorry you're moving! I remember moving in...second grade so I can't *exactly* relate but it sounds super exciting! :D AHH I totally feel for you! Losing all your books AHHHHHHHHHH! Hopefully you get them back soon so you can read them all :D

  4. Enjoy the holidays (and the beach - not the sharks!).


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