My Reading Plan #7

I was qutie impressed with myself last week, as I managed to read three books. Unfortunately, none of them were incredibly outstanding. I read Loving Summer by Kailin Gow (Didn't like it and its going to be a ranting review), Dreamland by Sarah Dessen (Couldn't stand the main character) and The Invention of Hugo Cabret (That was a pretty good book! But not a favourite). So there will be two very ranty reviews on the blog soon :D

Week #6 - 26/11/2012
1. The Mount Rushmore Face that Couldn't See
The Mount Rushmore Face That Couldn't See

2. The Hocus Pocus Hotel - Michael Dahl
Hocus Pocus Hotel
Ever since it was built by the great magician Abracadabra, the hotel Tyler Yu lives in has had its share of mysterious events. Ghosts wandering the halls, a magician who vanishes into thin air – Ty can’t figure these things out on his own. But Charlie Hitchcock, with his photographic memory, might just be the partner the school bully needs. Together, they’ll solve magical mysteries beyond your wildest imagination.