Review - The South African Alphabet - Alex Latimer

Title:The South African Alphabet
Author:Alex Latimer
Genre:Picture book 
Publication:May 30 2012, Penguin Books South Africa
Source:Thank you so much to Penguin Books South Africa for giving me this book to review! :)

Uniquely and beautifully illustrated by Alex Latimer The South African Alphabet includes illustrations of South African elements – animals, people, products, plants. The illustrations are quirky and fun and the objects include very recognisable characters. From Nelson Mandela, mielies, a braai, ivory, Joburg, koeksisters and Table Mountain. This book will be enjoyed and appreciated by young and old – proud South African and tourists alike.

I love this book! The illustrations are beautiful and the words are so South African! :) I would recommend this book to adults who have small children, I'm sure the kids will be immensely attracted to the gorgeous, colourful illustrations. The South African Alphabet is a great way for smaller children to learn about South Africa in a colourful, fun and interesting way.

Alex Latimer is a really talented author and illustrator and I could stare at the pictures the whole day. A beautifully illustrated book. :)

I give it: 5 CUPCAKES