Review - Angels Unlimited, Heavenly Collection - Annie Dalton

Angels Unlimited, Heavenly Collection - Annie Dalton     

Title: Includes: Winging it, Losing the Plot and Flying High
Author: Annie Dalton
Genre: Angels, Death, Heaven, Future, Past, Shopping
Publisher: Collins 2001
Pages: 1. 125 pages 2. 141 pages 3. 123 pages

Winging It: No one expects to die on their thirteenth birthday. But for Mel Beeby, things get even weirder when she finds herself at the academy, a school for trainee angels. And then her adventures really begin. 
In Winging it, Mel learns the ropes during the Blitz. In Losing the Plot she's grooving down with the Tudors and a rather famous playwright. And Flying High sends her away into the uncertain future...

This is the first book in the series. When I read the beginning I was quite interested, but as I went on through the book I changed my mind. It wasn't what I expected, which isn't always a bad thing, but in this case it was. This book could've been so much more, really. It was very simple and there were no "big" words. I enjoyed some of the book but not other parts. I've read really good reviews on this book, so I'm not sure, maybe I'm just a bit mad! :) But if you want a quick read, read it. Just bare in mind if you want more 
complex books, this isn't really for you!

The second book is Losing the Plot. This one was't too bad. I liked how they travelled back in time and I liked the new characters, but the same as above, it could have been a lot better. But I did enjoy reading about the new characters and how Mel is a guardian angel.

The third book is Flying High and this one, really disappointed me. Towards the end of the book, I didn't want to finish it as it was becoming boring. In this one Mel travels to the future and she meets the evil fallen angel again who is always trying to mess up her missions, and in this third novel Brice tells her about his family history, which was quite nice to know because I like to know why a character turned to the "dark side". In Flying High there seemed to be some pointless sentences and dull dialogue in quite a few chapters.

I'm really sorry, I just didn't enjoy this book, but I have the next three books I bought a few months ago so hopefully those ones will be better. But hey, I guess books are like cupcakes. Some prefer vanilla and others prefer chocolate, me? I'm more a chocolate person, and this had too much vanilla. But don't let this stop you from reading it!

I give it: 2 CUPCAKES!