About Me

Hello! Welcome to my very pink and very geeky corner of the book blogosphere! I hope you enjoy your stay!

I'm not very good at writing about myself, but if you would like to know a bit about me, I shall try. 

This is me.
My name is Kyra and I am a South African teenager book blogger that has recently moved to the UK! 
I absolutely love anything to do with books and reading! I love drawing, dancing, singing, writing, playing piano, playing guitar and painting. I am also a Christian and I do Cambridge home-schooling. I really want to be an astrophysicist when I'm older, hence the galaxy themed blog! ;)

As well being a bookaholic, I also happen to be a chocoholic. When I'm not busy with school work and my other hobbies, you will find me curled up in bed, on the couch or outside in the sun with a good book and either hot chocolate or a slab of chocolate..sometimes both! Because chocolate is amazing and combined with reading, it's even more fabulous.

I started Blog of a Bookaholic, on March the 22nd, 2012. I started the blog because I loved reading so much, yet I didn't have any one to talk to about my love of books. When I first created my blog...I honestly didn't have an inkling of what to do. I just liked the name I had chosen. The first few months was me looking at other book blogs, seeing how could I improve my reviews, how I could improve the look of my blog and overall what I content I could post on my blog and eventually I found my way around this wonderful community.

Since starting my blog, I have discovered such fantastic new books and amazing authors and tried books that I most likely wouldn't have tried before, if I hadn't started this blog. I've made some AMAZING blogging friends and it's such a welcoming community. I can do this:

and some of this:

and a lot of this:

and instead of being met with this:

I am met with this:

And it's pretty awesome. 

I LOVE making new blogging friends and if you're a new blogger and you need help with anything or you just want to chat about books, you can reach me here, here or at my email bookaholic007 (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. beautiful blog:)
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  2. Thanks for following my blog and adding me on Goodreads! I'm following back and I love your blog header :)

  3. Hi! Thanks so much! It's a pleasure, your blog is lovely! :)

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  5. Hi, i love your blog please check out mine! xx

  6. Hi, I've just discovered your blog and love how thorough your reviews are. If I could follow by email, I would, but am following on Twitter and Goodreads now.


  7. Hi, I really love your blog and blog posts! :) It would be great if you could check out mine and possibly leave a comment on what you think about it?

    The Red Bookmark

  8. Hi, I just discovered your blog and how fortunate... I actually teach children's literature and I'm always on the look out for new and interesting children and YA novels to use in my course! Thanks for some useful tips!

  9. Great Blog! Put you on my favourite blog lists! Would love it if you checked my blog out! ;)

  10. I love your blog, I randomly read your about me widget on the sidebar and I found it kind of funny because I also want to be either an astronomer or journalist/author. Crazy right!

  11. heyy,
    i just discovered your blog! And I really like its, so I will stay as a follower and stalk your life ;D

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  12. Heyyy!!! I am on the lookout for SA book bloggers, so happy I stumbled upon your little space in the clouds :)

    Nihaad - the little blog of STUFF

  13. Hello! I'm Yuki from Singapore! Happend to stumble upon your blog. I recently started my book blog too, same reasons as you! I love reading but i don't have friends who love reading as much as i do!! So i randomly decided to start a book blog and hoping meet new people who shares my interest in reading!

    Your blog is beautiful btw! Its nice meeting you :) I've followed you on bloglovin' :D

    oh and i'll leave my blog url here - http://utterlybooks.blogspot.com/


    1. Hi Yuki!

      It's lovely to become acquainted with you!

      You'll definitely meet people (amazing people) that love reading and that share your same interests. If you need any help or advice about blogging, I'm happy to help! <3

      And thank you so much! x

  14. I Really love your blog!!! Would be great if you'd check out mine: http://itsmethebookaholic.blogspot.com, and maybe subscribe if you like to :)

  15. Hi Kyra! I've stumbled upon your blog through Sugar&Snark. I'm also South African and only started blogging recently, about 4 months ago! Would love to chat and join up with other SA Bookish Geeks. You can find me at: http://marelithalkink.blogspot.co.za/


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