#CurrentlyReading - Last week of Easter break reads!


I hope you guys are doing well. My Easter break is over tomorrow, but I've managed to complete all my deadlines and make some time for fun activities too - yay! 

I've also managed to read so much this month?? I'm on my 12th book?? WHO AM I. 

I've read some pretty good books this week! Out of Tune was a cute, fluffy read. A Far Wilder Magic was beautifully written with wonderful characters, but I felt it pretty quite religiously insensitive which tainted the reading experience for me. Villains in Venice was so, so good - highly recommend!

I'll be reading the final book in the Taylor & Rose series - Nightfall in New York! 

After that I'll probably read Open Road Summer by Emery Lord - sounds super cute!

What are you currently reading? What books have you read this week? Let's talk!