What I'm Currently Reading - getting back into it!



I hope you guys are doing well.

This past week has been a blur, but it's been good. I finished two books (YAY) and I'm looking forward to getting more into reading this week! It feels so weird to not have to study. I still get moments of thinking "Oh my goodness, I need to hurry up - I have revision to do!" but I don't. What a beautiful concept. 😍

I had a really lovely weekend! I'm working quite a bit at my part-time job this summer, so that's been keeping me very busy. I also had a picnic and canal walk with my boyfriend on Friday and a lovely lunch with his family and mine on Sunday. The weather in England has been utterly glorious the past few days as well - it's finally feeling like summer! 

Surprised by the Voice of God by Jack Deere - ⭐ | The Return - Nicholas Sparks - ⭐.5

Surprised by the Voice of God was so good! It was so encouraging and really inspired me, again, to pursue and prioritise a personal, meaningful relationship with Him. I highly recommend! 

The Return wasn't a good book at all. I was super disappointed with it.  I won't say much about it here but you can read my review where I say allll the things.

I'm currently doing a bible study on 1 Samuel and I'm really enjoying reading 1 Samuel For You alongside it - it adds much depth and insight. 

I've also started reading the Poldark series again. I began the series last year and I really enjoyed the three I read - I'm looking forward to delving back into the world! 

I'm sooo excited to read this!!! The Alex Rider series is one of my childhood favourites and I'm so happy there are more books being published in the series.

What books have you read this week? Were they good? Let's talk!