My Isolation TBR

Hello everyone! 

How are you guys doing? I hope you are well. 💛

The UK is officially on lockdown, which means only leaving our house if it's absolutely necessary. My parents and I have been trying to self-isolate for quite a few days already. Hopefully everyone will stay home as much as they possibly can so we can flatten that curve! 🙏

My plans for my self-isolation are to read as much as possible, blog, do maths, and do Bible study. I've barely read the past few days as I've been doing a lot of maths. I've decided that tomorrow is going to be an all-reading day though. HUZZAH! 

I have quite a lot of books I intend to read. I may have raided the library beforehand, so I have quite a lot to keep me going. I also comfort bought 7 Kindle ebooks that were on sale last night because books make me haappyyy!!

I read the first book in the series last year and guys, it was so good. I was never really a fan of science fiction but now I LOVE it. This is such a twisty, gripping sci-fi novel and I HIGHLY recommend. Don't ask me why I haven't read it yet, because I don't have a good answer.

I loveee this series. It's such a fun spy/agent series. I adore the characters. I adore the missions. It's just always a good time reading these! 

I checked Poldark out on a whim. I've heard ALL THE GOOD THINGS about the TV show, and as I want to read more historical fiction, I thought Poldark would be a good place to start.

Again, I'm not sure why I haven't read this yet. I LOVED LIFEL1K3. At first I was like meh...but by the end I was screeching at everyone to read it. I think I might not have picked it up yet because I can't fully remember what happened in the first book so I'm kind of hesitant? Whelp, hopefully there's a Recaptains post about it.

I think this is marketed as Buffy meets Jane Austen? It's a supernatural historical novel set in the regency era, so I'm STOKED to read it.

This was my book club's book of the month (not that we could meet to discuss it because social distancing!) but it looks so good! I think it's a ghost story with some Norse mythology thrown in? I read the first few pages and I think it's going to be gooood.

I really enjoyed the first three books that I listened to on audio, so I'm hoping I enjoy this just as much! *_* It sounds really good, so my bet is that I'm going to love it! 

I really want to read this now BUT it's a Christmas novel, so I'm not sure now is the right time. You feel?

I also picked this up on whim. I've been feeling like reading a mystery book (who even am I?!) so I saw this and thought it sounded pretty good. I hope I like it!

The next book after Misty Falls. I hope I love this one too (I'm sure I will though hehe)!

11. Rule
I forgot what this book is about but it sure is pretty.

I've literally said I'm going to read this for ages. BUT NOW, I shall definitely read it! 

This sounds SO GOOD! It's an Oliver Twist retelling (no shucks, Sherlock) about a girl who had to disguise herself as a boy and live on the streets and then gets rescued and adopted into high society. She also tries to help the orphans and I think there's something of a forbidden romance (kind of)?? It sounds so good!

LOVE AND ASTRONOMY! That's the gist I get from this book, and I'm down for that.

I LOVE fantasy novels that explore politics. There's also what I think is going to be an enemies-to-lover romance which I LOVE. 

Clones and boarding school! Sounds like a good time! 

This sounds SO GOOD. I kind of regret not getting the sequel out from the library too...hopefully it doesn't end on a cliffhanger.

Historical fiction! 1920s! Apparently really sad though which I don't need right now! Huzzah! 

ASDFGHJKL I AM SO READY (but also kind of not lolol).

I used to love the How to Train Your Dragon books, so I'm really excited to try her new series! 

I know this is a historical fiction novel about the Huguenots and the Catholic church (I think). It has mystery and romance too, so it sounds good!

I'm so excited to read all of these!!! Have you got specific reading planned if you're in lockdown?