Book Haul - I stress bought books because that's what you do in a pandemic, right?

Hi everybody!

How are you? I hope you are well and keeping safe.

We've been on lockdown for four days now. It feels really weird not going to work or the library or getting a coffee...but it's worth it. I'm glad I can self-isolate for a bit as I was feeling a bit unwell, and I didn't want it to progress into anything more serious. 

This week has been good a week for me regardless. Last week I had lost my job due to the shop I work at closing because of the virus, but I was rehired! I'm so overjoyed that I have my job back and I look forward to being back with my wonderful team once our shop reopens.

I also got an update on my UCAS form that the university I really wanted to go to has offered me a place to study physics and astronomy. I nearly cried. I have three offers so far from the universities I've applied to. I'm currently waiting to hear back from the other university. I was meant to go for an interview there last week but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus, so I'm not entirely sure what will happen!

I also decided to splash out on a Kindle Fire. I ordered it today and I can't wait for it to arrive! I also got a keyboard to go with it, as I want to type up reviews and blog posts on it. I'm so excited! Also it's the yellow one! I was going to get the plain black but then I was like "on second". Yellow is such a happy colour and we all need more happiness at the moment!   

Sooo, I may have bought fifteen books this week BUT, in my defense, they were either free or 99p on the Kindle store. WHAT A BARGAIN. For any of you interested in YA or middle-grade fiction, Usborne and Simon & Schuster currently have quite a few books on the Kindle store for only 99p! I'm not sure how long it's on for, so grab it while you can! 💃

I'm not entirely sure what this is about but I think it's a fairy tale adventure with "bears, princesses, and dragons". That sounds right up my alley - I'm excited to read this! 

2. The House with the Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson
This also looks like a lovely, whimsical fantasy story! I love middle-grade fiction because it's lighthearted and easy to get lost in, which is what I need at the moment.

A historical fiction mystery novel! This sounds SUPER good - ghosts, missing items and other fun stuff, I'm sure.

The main character hates risks and unpredictable events (much relate), but then he stumbles upon a magical kingdom that happens to be in trouble. Alongside a girl who hates rules and her miniature dragon (asdfghjkl) he has to try to save the kingdom and our world from an evil villain. Squee!

Samurais, scrolls, dragons...sounds like we're in for a good time! 

I've heard SUCH good things about this and I'm so amped to read it! 

A bio-weapon, a killer virus (hitting a bit too close to home...), and zombies! I've never read a zombie apocalypse book. I don't think I'll enjoy a zombie book because they're scary...but we'll see!

99p, guys. 99p!!! Get it while you can! I have Lady Midnight and Queen of Air and Darkness on my TBR, but I don't have the second one. I have time on my hands now, so I'm thinking of marathoning the trilogy! 

I'm kind of on a spy thriller kick at the moment. I just read the Ruby Redfort series, a teen spy thriller series, and I want to read more in that genre. I haven't read any adult spy thrillers, so I thought I'd give this a go! It's got the CIA and conspiracies. Sounds exciting!

Secret government agencies! Rescuing a president's daughter from terrorists! Sounds super exciting! 

A follow up series of the one above. It's a political thriller and sounds so good!

This sounds so good and the reviews are good too! The main character is a female engineer which I love. We need more books with female protagonists who are into STEM.

Another political thriller!

14. The Land of Spells by Chris Colfer
I've been meaning to read this forever. It's about siblings who get sucked into a book of fairy tales. It's going to be good!!

All I know about this is that there are pirates involved. I've heard good things!!

Let's discuss! Have you read any of these? What did you think? Have you added any books to your shelves this week? 🌟