My Favourite Settings in Books!

*Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl*

I am not a traveller but books give me the opportunity to do so. I think that's one of the things I love most about books. I can go to hundreds of different places without the stress and cost of physically travelling! I can go to places that only my wildest imagination can take me too as well (hi, Narnia). I have read many, many books in my lifetime and have come to the conclusion that I have a Type. There are some settings that will put a book straight on my TBR. These are ten of them.

1. Magical school
This has to be one of my favourite settings ever. In fact, I think the next book I write should take place in a magical school. I personally loved going to school, so I think that's why I tend to gravitate towards books that take place there. There's generally mystery and danger involved too which is always exciting! 

2. Boarding school
Growing up, the St. Clare's and Malory Tower books were some of my favourites. I absolutely ADORED boarding school books. Something was always happening and it generally provides for a fun reading experience! 

3. Bookshop/library
Not enough books give bookstores and libraries enough page-time. I know that one of Kasie West's books features a character who gets stuck in the library with her crush or something, and I NEED to read that! I love it when a character frequents a library and a bookshop often because SAME.

4. South Africa or Africa in general
I love South Africa. It's an absolutely beautiful country with the best sunsets, amazing wildlife, good food, and even better people (I may be slightly biased). I really hope that the country won't go downhill because it's such amazing place. I really want to go do a proper exploration of Africa one day - Namibia, Botswana, Kenya...they all look beautiful. I recently read Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks, and although I didn't like the story that much, I loved the African scenery described.

5. Space 
I loveee books that are set in space! I think that's partially why I loved Light Years by Kass Morgan as much as I did - it was a military academy in SPACE. Anyway, I love books that are set in space or on different planets. SUCH FUN! 

6. Montana/American countryside 
I read this book, well, I didn't actually read it except for the first couple of pages, but it was set in Montana. Next thing I knew I was Googling places to live in Montana despite having, like, £5 in my bank account. It looks SO pretty there. I really like books that are set in more rural American places. Dangerous Lies by Becca Fitzpatrick is one of them and the setting made the story so much more engrossing.

7. America in general 
Luckily there are a lot of American books, as I love books that are set in America. Growing up, I watched mainly American TV and I became very fascinated by the country. It has so many beautiful places, and I love reading books set there.

8. Paris
I reallllyyyy want to go to Paris and just France in general, really. Until I can actually go, books it is! 

9. Hawaii/Seychelles/Barbados 
I really want to go to one of these places some day! Hawaii in particular. It looks absolutely beautiful and I really wish more books featured it. 

10. Old buildings/castles
Always a good setting for a ghost or mystery story, right?

These are my favourite settings in books! What are yours?