"Ahoy, matey!" - Scallywagathon TBR 🏴‍☠️

I LOVE READATHONS. Especially themed readathons that come complete with cute graphics - I LOVE IT. I have been in such a reading mood lately, so I've wanted to participate in as many readathons as possible! This is one of the three I'm participating in this month. Let's hope I can catch up on my Goodreads challenge with their help! 

The Scallywagathon comes complete with a fun graphic of the different paths you can take, with each number and letter denoting a different prompt. The path I'll be taking is 5-7-B-10. 

5 - Navigate the Stars
has stars on the covers
Awake the World by Jason Gurley 

7 - Blow Down the Man
by a female author
A Taxonomy of Love - Rachael Allen

B - Angle of Attack
about a problem facing society today
The Everlasting Rose - Dhonielle Clayton

10 - Assessing the Booty
a recently hauled book
 Happy Girl Lucky - Holly Smale

I'm so excited to read these! 

Have you read any of them?