Ten things that have me screaming "I NEED THIS BOOK"

*Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl*

There are several things that make my bookish heart very happy. If a book has these things in, I will want to read it, and I will probably love it. 

1. Friends-to-lovers
Man, I love this trope. In fact, my WIP has this trope. There's something just so adorable about two best friends realising that they're actually in love with each other. IT'S ADORABLE. I LOVE IT.

2. Characters who are into STEM, particularly female protagonists
As a girl who wants to be an astrophysicist, I LOVE it when books have characters that are interested in pursuing a career in the scientific field. NERDS UNITE! 

3. Books set in other countries
I LOVEEE reading books set in other countries. Sure, it's great reading about places you know...but it's even greater reading about places you don't know. I have this thing where if a book is set in a place other than the country I live in, I google pictures of the place to see what it's really like so that I can picture it like it actually is. Books have made my "places I want to see" list a loooot longer because of this! 

4. Fantasy books with politics
I love it when fantasy books have a heavy emphasis on politics. I don't really have much to do with politics in real life, although it is something I want to enlighten myself on, but gosh, if a fantasy book is rich in politics, treaties, strife between kingdoms...I am THERE for it.

5. Fairies and mermaids
Be gone, vampires and witches, I want to read about fairies and mermaids. I LOVE that fae books have made a comeback. They completely turn the lovely stereotype of fae on their head. The Cruel Prince, I'm looking at you. I also love mermaids, yet there aren't that many good books about mermaids. This makes me sad. WHERE ARE ALL THE MERMAIDS?! 

I love books that feature messy, dysfunctional, lovable families. Family is so, so important to me, and I love reading about characters who also cherish their family. YAY FOR FAMILY!

7. Book nerds
I love it when books have characters that are book nerds. Like, yes please, these are my people. Hermione Granger, Lena from If There's No Tomorrow, Matilda...and quite a few other characters are so relatable because they live and breathe books.

8. Super agent/spy books
You know Alex Rider? Books like those. I love love love books that feature espionage, spying adventures...it's THE BEST AND I LOVE IT.

I love boarding school books. They are the best

10. When characters are super passionate about something (ballet, art, piano etc) 
I LOVEEE books where a character is super passionate about something. Like in If I Stay, where Mia is passionate about music. I also LOVE books where the characters pursue dancing, especially ballet. It's so intriguing reading about how dedicated they are and the sacrifices they make to be the best at it. 

Do any of these feature on your list?!