#WorldBookDay - Things that make book-lovers happy!

Being a book lover brings me a lot of joy. Of course, there are downsides too. Paper cuts, cover changes mid-series, bad book to movie adaptations...however, the joy of reading far outweighs any negatives. 😌 From small things to big things and everything in between, there are quite a few things that make my nerdy heart siiiiing. There are a lot of #bookwormproblems...but there are also a lot #bookwormperks. What's a better way to celebrate World Book Day than to look at all the wonderful things that make a reader happy?!

1. Book Sales
My favourite words, perhaps ever. There's nothing quite like browsing a bookstore and finding out they have a sale. Bonus points if they have a book you really, really want to read for sale! This happened to me a couple of months ago when I went to Hatchards in London, and Queen of Air and Darkness was half-price. It was a limited edition one too. I may have died.

2. When your library gets new books in
OOH this has happened quite a lot recently! It's SO EXCITING when you browse your library's shelves and realise there are brand new shiny books that have found their way to the shelves. Usually this results in me maxing my library card (whoops) and making my TBR cry but whatever.

3. When your plans are cancelled (or delayed) and you get to spend that time READING
Oh, I love it when this happens. Usually by the time planned events roll around, my socialising want is nonexistent and all I want to do is stay home and read. When plans are cancelled, I jump back into bed with my book and read, read, read to my heart's content.

4. When a book you weren't expecting to love blows your mind
ISN'T THIS THE BEST?! You go into a book kind of expecting a good time at the very least, and then leave with part of your soul missing and tears streaming down your face. GOOD TIMES! This recently happened to me with Light Years by Kass Morgan. I was expecting to enjoy it (military school set in space - yes please). I wasn't expecting to fangirl and shriek and cry and race through it because it was just too darn good to put down. 'TWAS A GOOD FEELING.

5. When your favourite author brings out a new book
I have quite a few favourite authors whose releases I track. Whenever one of them brings out a book, it makes me SO HAPPY. Especially if it's a long-awaited sequel!!

6. When a book that wasn't going to have a sequel finally gets one! 
Do you know how happy I was when I found out both the Alex Rider series and the Skulduggery Pleasant series were getting more books? I COULD'VE CRIED.

7. Finding an amazing bookstore
It's the BEST when you find a bookstore that basically takes your breath away. Foyles, London, I'm looking at you. 

8. When you meet someone who loves the same books as you
It makes me SO HAPPY when I meet someone who has read some of my favourite books and I can fangirl to my heart's content with them. Immediate best friends, it's great. 

Will Ferrell Step Brothers Did We Just Become Best Friends GIF

9. When friends and family obey your wishes and actually buy you bookish related items
I'm a simple girl. You ask me what I want, I'll reply with books. Sadly, a lot of the times I'll get a confused look accompanied by "But you have so many already...don't you want something else?". No, Barbara, I don't. Sometimes they'll get me something that is most definitely not a book...but sometimes they'll listen WHICH IS THE BEST. Oh, how my heart sings. 

10. Reading in a cafe (preferably while it rains outside)
I'm not a fan of the rain or the cold BUT...I do quite like it when I'm in a cosy cafe with a warm drink and a good book. There's nothing that makes me more content than sitting with a mocha as the rain patters against the window panes, and I get lost in a wonderful book.

These are some of the things that make me happy! Can you relate?!