Standalone books that NEEEED a sequel

Have you ever finished a standalone book and thought "Man, I need more time with those characters"? Have you ever found yourself going about your business and then suddenly thinking "Boy, I wonder what so-and-so from [book title] are doing now"? I have, and it's not pretty. These are the standalone books that I WISH had a sequel! 
I LOVED THIS BOOK. It was hilarious, original, and I absolutely LOVED the characters. Jane, Gifford and Edward were the best. I loved watching Jane and Gifford's budding relationship, ad I loved reading about the antics they got up to. When I closed the book, I desperately wanted more time with the characters. I knew that the authors had brought out My Plain Jane, which I mistakenly thought was a sequel. It's not. I CRY.

THIS BOOK MADE ME CRY IN PUBLIC. AND LAUGH IN PUBLIC. I just couldn't control my emotions. It was heart-wrenching and heartwarming and just so, so incredible. I came to love the characters so much and really wanted the best for each of them. I loved the way the book ended...but I would've liked a sequel to see how they got on in their lives. I just adored them so much!

I NEEDED a sequel of Emma and Mr. Knightley. There wasn't enough time with them together as an actual couple ( I CRY AGAIN). I would have loved a sequel of the two of them starting their life as a married couple. 

Andy and Clarke were the BEST. The Unexpected Everything is quite long for a contemporary book (over 500 pages)...but I could definitely use more pages of reading about Andy, Clarke and Andy's friendship group. When you love characters so much, you really want to read about the rest of their lives...right?!
Ah, the creator of some of my all-time favourite couples EVER. Collin and Maria, Will and Ronnie...I'd love to see how they got on in their lives and if the happily ever after stayed happily ever after.

Poor Stella had been dealt a tough hand. She was also a complete obnoxious brat that had an amazing character overhaul (I ended up LOVING her). She ended up being such an amazing character. I also ADORED her and Chett together. I would've loved seeing more of them together, as well as seeing what Stella did in the rest of her life. It was such a good book and I loved my squishies. 

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. The characters, the setting, the WAS ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. All the Crooked Saints ended up being one of my favourite reads of 2018 (which I totally wasn't expecting). I would LOVE to read more about Beatriz and Pete and Daniel and Marisa. The interactions between all the characters and the plot of the pilgrims needing a miracle were amazing. I'd love to spend more time with all those vibrant characters! 

I also can't remember much of what happened in this book, but I remember absolutely loving it. The main character was so sweet, quirky and relatable, and the love interest was SO ADORABLE. I would love to get a sequel and spend more time with the darling cinnamon rolls. 

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO FREAKING MUCH. I never read mystery/thriller books (she says, having two on this list), but this book sounded way too good to pass up. I read this when I was 16, so my memory is a little hazy (darn that old age), but I LOVED this book. Jo and Eddie had such amazing chemistry, and Jo was an extraordinary protagonist. I loved how the two of them solved mysteries together. I loved how Eddie respected Jo and viewed her as an equal in a time where females were inferior. I would love to read about these two solving mysteries while having quality banter. 

If you've been on this blog for 5 seconds, you'll know Bone Gap is probably my favourite book ever. The characters have my heart. I loved the magical setting. I loved the romance. I would love a sequel that would allow me to just spend more time with the characters and watch them grow. <3 

These are the books that, in my opinion, need a sequel! I loved them all so much, and I NEED more time with the characters. Are any of these on your list?