Stacking the Shelves #114 - Christmas/London Book Haul and a whoooole lot of bookmarks!


It's my first book haul of the new year! 

Book hauls will probably be more scarce on the blog this year, as I'm really going to cut down on my library loans and book buying, especially the library loans. Then again, I said that last year, so we'll see. 😂

How has your first week of the new year been shaping up? Mine has been quite relaxing. It was my dad's birthday so we had some really nice cake, and I had my final mince pie of the season! Until next December, dearest mince pies. 

I didn't receive a lot of books for Christmas this year, as my parents tend to only get me one or two (apparently I have too many - INCONCEIVABLE!), but I'm so happy with the book they did get me. The moment I saw this book I just knew I had to have it. It's a very special book to me as well, so I'm very blessed that they gifted it to me!

So what is this very special book? It's the "Matilda Turns 30" special edition. Matilda has been one of my all-time favourite books ever since I first read it when I was 7/8. Matilda's love of books and the library was something that I understood completely and I felt an affinity for her. Then, this might seem random but it'll make sense in a second, when I was twelve I decided I wanted to be an astrophysicist. Almost eight years later, that's what I've applied to study at university. So, when I was in Waterstones and saw that one of the "Matilda Turns 30" editions imagined Matilda as an ASTROPHYSICIST, I nearly fainted on the spot (not really but humour me). This edition means SO much to me; I love it a lot. I also find it SUPER cool that one of my all-time favourite heroines goes into the same career as me. AMAZING.

My lovely mother also treated me to a copy of Wundersmith! It was half-price on sale (for a hardcover! SQUEE!). I really enjoyed Nevermoor, so I'm super excited to dive into Wundersmith. This series is going to be amazing. I CAN FEEL IT. IT'S SO PRETTY TOO. 

On New Years Eve we went to London, and I managed to go to Foyles and Hatchards (the oldest bookstore in the UK). FOYLES IS AMAZING. It's 6 floors (I think) of all books. I nearly died. I didn't even go to the other floors, as all the YA books were on the ground level. The selection was HUGE, and they had sooo many books I can't get at other bookstores! I've decided that as soon as I get my first paycheck, I'm going to go splash out at Foyles. It's SO PRETTY. 

I also went to Hatchards which was really nice! It's a branch of Waterstones, I think. It also has three royal warrants which is really cool! I managed to get a copy of Queen of Air and Darkness (exclusive edition with the red sprayed edges) for half-price! I LOVE BARGAINS. 

I also treated myself to quite a lot of bookmarks, as they were £1 each. Yay for pretty bookmarks! 

I'm so excited to read all of these books and use my new bookmarks, of course! 

Have you read any of these? What books did you get this week? Do you love bookmarks too?!