Bout of Books 24 Wrap-Up!


I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far. Last week was Bout of Books (aka my favourite readathon EVER). I was really hoping I'd manage to read 7 books, but I managed to read 4 (plus several pages of the 5th book!). I was quite busy with blogging last week; I've been on a good thing with that, so I didn't want to neglect my blog too much. That being said, I'm very happy with the amount of books I've been able to read! 

Pages read today: 173
Pages read total: 173
Books read today: 1
Books read total:

On the first day of Bout of Books I managed to finish Ink, Iron, and Glass. I had half the book left to read, so I finished the final half. 

Pages read today: 204
Pages read total: 307
Books read today: 0
Books read total: 1

Pages read today: 199
Pages read total: 506
Books read today: 1
Books read total: 2

I started reading Last Safe Moment on Tuesday and read half of it, then finished the last 100 pages or so on Wednesday. I also read some of my next read, Light Years.

Pages read today: 273
Pages read total: 779
Books read today: 0
Books read total: 2

Pages read today: 138
Pages read total: 917
Books read today: 1
Books read total: 3

On Friday I finished Light Years which was amazing and you should allll read it! Vulnerable precious characters who make questionable decisions and are training at a military boarding school set in space. It's amazing. <333

Pages read today: 240
Pages read total: 1157
Books read today: 1
Books read total: 4

On Saturday I finished Pacifica which was AMAZING. I absolutely loved it! <3 

Pages read today: 61
Pages read total: 1218
Books read today: 0
Books read total: 4

I had church on Sunday morning, tutored my friend's sister and then had some distressing news, so I only managed to read 61 pages on Sunday! I started By a Charm and a Curse and then finished it Monday night. I personally really didn't enjoy it, which is sad, as I've had an amazing reading year so far! 

Overall, I read 1218 pages and 4 books! YAY! How did you do?