Books I meant to get to in 2018...but didn't. Oops.

Every year I have a list of books I'm definitely going to get to...and then somehow the year is over and I haven't read what I intended to. Whoopsies! 

I was hoping to get to Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows last year...alas, I did not. I'm kind of glad though, as now I can marathon the trilogy. I avoided the pain of cliffhangers -yay! I did, however, managed to read City of Heavenly Fire. It took me, like, five years, but I got there in the end. 

I really thought I was going to get to this series in 2018. I REALLY MEANT TO...but somehow I didn't. I have all the books out from the library now again, so I will get to it this year (she says...)!

So, I have two reasons I haven't read this year. 1) I'm scared to. The authors are cruel, and there's no guarantee that my babies will make it. 2) I can't really remember what happened...uh oh. I could probably reread them, but I don't love rereading books, as there are so many other books I need to read! Maybe there's a recap on the interwebz for me! 

I really thought I'd get to this in 2018. However, like Obsidio, I have my reasons for not getting it. 1) I want my own copy so that I can tab tab tabbbb to my heart's content. I haven't gotten around to buying it yet, so... 2) I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED. This is why I like waiting until I can read a book immediately after the first book - I can't remember anything!

WHY DIDN'T I READ THIS?? And I Darken is one of my favourite books, and I was super stoked for the sequel...yet I didn't get around to reading it. Again, I remember nothing. I'll have to binge-read the trilogy now! 

I've heard endlesssss good things about this book. I think I'm going to love it! I don't know why I haven't read this yet (story of my life lolol)

I loved Wintersong, and I was really hoping to get around to this...but I forgot what happened in Wintersong (I'm sensing a pattern here). I'll probably have to reread! 

I was hoping to get to this book! This book sounds super cute and fluffy - I'm sure I'll love it! I really have no excuse as to why I haven't read this yet??

I loveee the Skulduggery Pleasant series - it's one of my favourites! I'm really excited to read these, but I'm also a little bit wary? The Skulduggery Pleasant series ended on book 9, but then the author decided to expand the series. I hope the following books are just as good and don't feel like "filler" books, if that makes sense? Have you read the latest two Skulduggery Pleasant books?

I LOVEEE LAINI TAYLOR'S WRITING!!! I really need to read this!

Have you read any of these? What books did you mean to read in 2018?