What I'm Currently Reading #28 - Last week went by so quick??

WHY IS AUGUST GOING SO FAST?! It's freaking me out. Last week went by in an actual blur...and I'm not even sure how I spent my time exactly? The main things that stand out are cleaning and biology lessons. I've been helping my mom declutter our house, so pretty much every day has involved sorting out and cleaning (such fun). I've also decided to do the biology and astronomy courses on Khan Academy because I know veeery little about biology and because I want to learn more about astronomy! 

Then again, perhaps last week went by so quickly because I've been dreading this week...because I finally get my exam results. 

Image result for spongebob panic meme

Excuse me while I cry and panic. I feel like my exams went so badly (especially physics), and I'm pretty sure I did terribly. 😥😰 Meep.

Aside from the actual terror I'll experience on Thursday, I'm looking forward to this week! I'm FINALLY going to see the Incredibles 2 tomorrow night with my friend, which I'm SO EXCITED FOR. The Incredibles was the first movie I ever saw at the cinemas, so it holds a special place in my heart. 😊 My one friend and I are also planning to go for cake on results day - hopefully we'll be celebrating and not crying! 

I also want to try to read and blog a lot more this week. I barely read last week (SO SAD), and I am missing it. Hopefully my mom's decided we've sorted out the house enough, so that I can dedicate more time to reading haha!

I read  book this week: 
🍉The Unexpected Everything

IT WAS SO GOOD! Definitely a 5/5 cupcakes read. It was my first Morgan Matson book, so I'm super happy I loved it! YA contemporaries are my favourite books to read, so I love discovering new favourites in that genre! Have you read any Morgan Matson books? 

This book looks creepy as heck, but it's my book club's book of the month, so I'll have to give it a go! I've read Gone by Michael Grant, and I really enjoyed it, so I'm hoping I enjoy this too! I haven't actually started this year, but as soon as I finish up some more blogging stuff, I'll power through it.

A contemporary! I have no idea which one...maybe Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols? I think it'll be the perfect summer read! 

Endless Summer (The Boys Next Door, #1-2)

What books are you planning on reading this week?