2018 Goals: Personal, blogging and bookish


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I really hope we all have a wonderful year: that we laugh hard and often, develop more interests, make more friends and become the person we've always wanted to be. HERE'S TO 2018!!!

One of my FAVOURITE THINGS about the new year is that it feels like a fresh start. I know every day is a chance for a fresh start, but the start of a new year just makes me SO MOTIVATED to accomplish ALL THE THINGS. I adore setting goals for myself every year, and I love going back at the end of said year and seeing how I did.

There are three areas of my life I'm setting goals for: personal, blogging and bookish. I'm going to ensure that they're attainable and realistic, so that I don't end up disappointing myself if I can't achieve them!

1. Drink more water & eat less sugar
Drink less coffee, drink more water. I'm giving up dairy for January because I want to see if it improves my complexion. So whenever my mom and I go for our daily coffee trips, I'll swap that mocha for some water. Gotta get that H20 in, guys. By eat less sugar, I mean only eating some dark chocolate during the week and only eating some milk chocolate on a weekend. I go a little bit crazy with the sugar on weekends, and I should probably stop that.
2. Try to stick to my pilates calendar
I follow the Blogilates monthly calendar and although I stick to it for the first couple of weeks for every month, I tend to slack as the weeks go on. I want to try really hard to keep at my exercising, as it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER.
3. Go to bed earlier, wake up earlier.
I'm thinking of having the light off by 22:00-22:30 and then waking up at 7? I LIKE THIS IDEA A LOT.
4. Continue doing Bible study every day
I have several tools to help me achieve ultimate productivity, but somehow I never quite end up doing all the things I hope to do. In 2018, I want to set specific things to do every day and actually do them.

1. Read 52 books
One book a week, I can manage that, right? If I'm being honest, I'd like to try to read 100 books this year. That's 2 books a week and I think, if I manage my time correctly, I could manage that. But with exams and all that, I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have!
2. Try to read for at least an hour every day (if possible)
I've realised that I don't read very much per day. I've also realised that I'm not as slow at reading as I thought I was. If I can just make more time for reading, I know I'll be able to get a lot of reading done. I MISS READING. WHY IS LIFE SO BUSY?!
3. Stop taking books out from the library
This is going to be so hard. But I read way too many books from the library, when I actually have loads of my own books to read. I really want to whittle down my TBR pile, guys. However, I will be allowed to take out two books a month. One book being my book club's book of the month, the other being a new release that I'm desperate to read. Two books a month, max. I can handle that. I'll try to only stick to taking out the one book a month, but I'm trying to be realistic here.
1. Schedule more posts
I used to be so good at scheduling posts, and I really want to try to get back into that this year.
2. Blog what I want to blog
Sometimes it might be book posts, sometimes personal posts, sometimes Christian posts and...whatever, really. The past few years I've felt pressurised to blog a certain way; this year I'm going to really just post what I want to post. I'm excited about it.

I'm really excited for 2018! I'm so excited to have another year to accomplish things, make new friends, make new memories and grow as a person. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

What are your 2018 goals?