What I've Been Reading #21 - I've been so productive this week and it's fabulous

Happy Tuesday! 

How has your day been?

Mine has been really good, actually! Yesterday was an awesome day because I was super productive. I’m actually understanding (therefore enjoying) maths at the moment so I did more maths than usual; I did a physics section AND the revision notes; I made notes for three English essays I need to write, AND I FINISHED IT ALL BY 13:30. If only school could be like that every day!

I then went to town with my mom and I managed to write some of this blog post and finish a book! When I got home I was in this mood to organise my life (I don't know if you guys get random urges to just sort out EVERYTHING? Well, that's what happened to me!). I printed revision checklists, past papers and revision notes; I organised my files, my pencil bags and my stationery cupboards; and I tidied my room, my bookshelves, my wardrobe/drawers and I organised the boxes that were on my bookshelf. I only managed to get to bed after midnight, but it was so worth it because I feel like my life has some semblance of order now! 

Because I went to bed late, I woke up late this morning and as a result, my whole schedule went awry; so I didn't get as much done today as I did yesterday. I did get quite a lot of English done, finished a maths exercise and watched some maths videos to help me better understand some topics! I also went to The Works and got a super cute calendar for next year. When I own calendars and planners it makes me feel organised, which is a wonderful feeling. 

I've also managed to read two books the past two days - go me! 

BunheadsDenton Little's Deathdate (Denton Little #1)

As of writing this post, I’ve just finished Bunheads by Sophie Flack and I really enjoyed it! I had a copy a few years back but I never read it. I’ve been on something of a ballet reading kick lately though, so I impulsively reserved a few ballet books and they finally came in! HAPPY DAYS. I started it a few hours after I got it out from the library, and a couple more hours later I had finished it! 

By the time I closed the book I had a goofy grin on my face and I was hugging it to my chest. There were moments that made me roll my eyes but there were many more moments that had me eyes widening at the amount of sacrifice, pain and determination needed in the ballet world. It’s a book about the sacrifice needed to succeed in ballet - in its purest form. There’s no melodramatic antics, there’s no backstabbing...it’s an honest, authentic portrayal of being a dancer in one of the top ballet schools in America. Sophie Flack danced with New York City Ballet for many years so I appreciated that she wrote the book with so much honesty and accuracy. I really enjoyed this book, a lot more than I thought I would! There were times I found the girls to be quite...problematic. There could be quite a lot of girl hate, slut-shaming and terrible comments made about so-called friends, which I didn’t enjoy so much. I also didn’t ship the romance a lot but I still enjoyed the book. And I loved the ending. It wasn’t what I was expecting, which is always nice!

I also read Denton Little’s Death Date which I LOVED. Denton is such a likable, idiotic character - I loved him. He was hilarious, the other characters were hilarious, the one-liners were brilliant; the friendships, plot twists and writing were excellently crafted as well. I NEED the next book, but it’s only available here in the UK from February. EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY.

I’m currently reading The Taste of Blue Light; I’m only 30 pages in and I’m not sure how I feel about it. The main character takes drugs (including cocaine) and drinks a lot. I hate reading books with characters who use recreational drugs as it’s so irresponsible and I just can’t comprehend the stupidity of taking them. The writing is gorgeous, if a little bit abstract so I’m hoping the main character has quite an impressive character arc throughout the book. Fingers crossed. 

I’m most likely going to read The Treatment next as it’s release date is fairly soon! It sounds chilling and dark and creepy - the perfect Autumn read.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What are you currently reading and what did you just finish reading?