Stacking the Shelves #107 - The postman brought me a lot of books in September!

Hello everybody!

I hope you're all well! 

I realised I haven't done a book haul since August and since I swore I was going on a book buying/requesting ban.


Things didn't go *exactly* according to plan, hence I have quite a...sizeable haul to show you. It's not ridiculously massive but it is...sizeable. I'm so excited to read them all, though! I've been truly blessed by the publishers this month and I can't thank them enough for sending me all these books! 

So, it's the first week of October and I'm struggling a bit with my mental health. I've been feeling a bit anxious which is quite odd as I've been doing super well with my anxiety lately. However, if you've read my blog over the past few months, you might remember reading that in July I went through a difficult time in my personal life...and I think it might be catching up with me now. I understand my anxiety is going to be great sometimes and not-so-great other times, but it can still be slightly disheartening! 

It's probably also because I've been pushing myself to step outside of my comfort zone, which has been scary but super fun and this is where the exciting part of the week comes in! I've started attending a wonderful church and there are a lot of people my age there so I've started chatting to people and making friends which is awesome, but I am very shy and social situations can make me slightly nervous but it'll get easier once I get to know them better. I'm looking forward to that.

ALSO, I attended a literature event on Thursday evening and it was AMAZING! There were three authors speaking: Sarah Driver, Jess Butterworth and Amy Wilson. They discussed their publishing deals, their writing processes, their story was such a lovely event! My recap will be up next week, so look out for that!

I'm also attending SIX other book talks and signings this weekend which I'm SO EXCITED for! I'll be meeting Lauren James, Amy Alward, Frances Hardinge, Lara Williamson AND I'll be attending a creative writing workshop held by Emily Barr, author of The One Memory of Flora Banks. I'M SO EXCITED!!! 

I'll be talking about all of those events next week so be sure to stop by and read about them! 

I won't include the books I've purchased at the events and got signed in this book haul but in the next. I'm excited to show them to you all!

Now for the books...

The Murderer's Ape sounds like such a charming, adventurous middle-grade story and it's also a beautiful book. It's over 600 pages, it has illustrated maps's gorgeous. I'll probably write a post that is solely comprised of pictures of it because it's just that pretty. 

I feel like I Capture the Castle is the perfect book to read for autumn. I was initially planning on reading it in summer but then I was like...why not read about crumbling castles in the English countryside and first love in autumn rather? It just feels right reading it now. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?!

NEW HOLLY BOURNE BOOK. THAT IS ALL. ASDFGHJKL. If you haven't read her books, then what are you waiting for?? 

A Shiver of Snow and Sky is stunning. The Petrified Flesh is gorgeous. These are honestly two of the prettiest books I own. DON'T YOU THINK THEY'RE PRETTY?!

A Shiver of Snow and Sky's writing has been likened to that of Laini Taylor's (Laini Taylor is the queen of writing so I'm SUPER excited to read this!) and it sounds like such an interesting storyline. The Petrified Flesh features brothers and twisted fairy tales and a mirror into a dark fairytale sounds so good. I'M EXCITED. 

When these two landed on my doorstep, I'm pretty sure I shrieked super loudly. 
Firstly, I love hardcovers. I don't own a lot of hardcovers because they're expensive, so to actually get sent hardcovers to review...I was pretty much in heaven.

Secondly, it's freaking Warcross and Otherworld! These were two of my most anticipated Autumn reads!!! They're beautiful, they sound beautiful and I'm SO EXCITED to delve into them! 

Abrams & Chronicle sent me a surprise package that contained the latest 10th-anniversary editions of the Sisters Grimm series! I have the first six books now, so I'm hoping to marathon them in the upcoming months. They exude autumn vibes so I'm utterly stoked to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and the series! 

I also received a copy of Now I Rise which I can't wait to read as And I Darken ended up being one of my favourite books of all-time! And I received a copy of Anne of Green Gables which I need to get to in October, as Anne herself expresses her love for October throughout the novel! It's the perfect time to read it! 

Usborne has sent me such lovely books the past month! A Place Called Perfect looks like such a sweet, wonderful read and can we JUST LOOK AT THAT COVER. It's absolutely beautiful! I love middle-grade novels so, so much. The Extinction Trials is released in January 2018 and it sounds so good. It's being marketed as The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park and I'm so ready for that. I also received The Treatment by C.L. Taylor which sounds so creepy and intense and like the perfect Halloween read! 

Tess of the Road


I'm so excited to read all of these? Have you read any of these? Did you enjoy them? Do you want to read any of these? What books did you receive this week?