How to nerdify your home

When I received a suggestion to write a post on my favourite bookish decor I thought it was a fabulous idea! As a book lover, I adore anything to do with literature and there are so many incredible products we can purchase these days to proudly display our love of all things bookish!

I thought I'd create a post on how we can nerdify our homes. From pillows to candles to utterly magical bookshelves - there are so many incredible, creative ways we can turn our home into one that celebrates the beauty of books! There are incredible places to look for decor inspiration, one of them being Havenly, an online interior design company who offers their clients a unique experience tailored to their individual wants and helps them get their dream room! If you need more help thinking of ways to adorn your house with bookish decor, Havenly has various designers that can help you with that! 

So, here are my top tips on how to show your love of reading in ways other than your bookcases!

How to Nerdify Your Home:

1. In the kitchen
You might think this is a hard place to display your bookish pride but FEAR NOT, I am here! There is a myriad of wonderful utensils that will show any one who visits your kitchen that books > people.

  • Spoons - who doesn't love a pretty spoon? I have a favourite spoon. His name is Wallace. Nothing extremely special about him but he's got a wonderful shape. However, you get some pretty magical spoons that will express your love for a certain type of story featuring a boy with a wand and a scar on his forehead...

How wonderfully Harry Potter-y are these spoons? VERY. If you had these in your kitchen you might actually want to slave over a hot stove every day. Also, if you had visitors and these were not-so-subtlely displayed in the background I'm pretty sure you'd have a cracking conversation flowing in no time at all. 

  • MUGS - I am obsessed with bookish mugs. I don't actually own any (cry for me) but it's definitely something I need for my kitchen! There are so many exquisite bookish mugs that if you had some in your kitchen, people would not only admire your impeccable decor taste but they might be so awestruck by the designs that they'd want to become a reader themselves just so they could drink out of a cup that pretty (without feeling like a fraud, ya know). 

Book Dragon Mug

Paperfury has some stunning designs on her Society6 shop that you should check out! (No, she's not forcing me to say that or maybe I should say she is to maintain her image as evil overlord?...)

  • Book lunch boxes - I didn't know this existed until I wrote this post but I have been B.L.E.S.S.E.D. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS. Look. I would've loved taking this to school with me when I was younger! Maybe I'll get it for myself, I've been needing a lunch box whilst volunteering so this will most definitely come in handy! You could get three and line up all the different versions on your kitchen countertop - IT'S LIKE A LIBRARY IN YOUR KITCHEN. 
Book Lunch Box

2. The bathroom 

I'm only realising now how much potential a house holds to be filled with literary-themed objects. There's nothing even slightly bookish in my bathroom. SACRILEGE. I'd quite like to add the following to my abode...
  • Literary soaps - I love baths and I love deliciously scented soap but you know what's even better? Baths that feature bookish soaps. I didn't even know such a thing has existed but it does. Can today get any better? Look how pretty these Harry Potter soaps are, I don't think I'd ever want to get out the bath if I had these!

  • Bath/hand towels - THESE ARE SO CUTE (and almost too pretty to use, if I'm being honest!). I think having bookish towels hanging up in your bathroom is the perfect way to display your book pride! 

One More Chapter -Baby Blue Hand & Bath Towel

  • Bookish soap dispenser and toothbrush holder - How cute is this? It says "read a book" on it! So whenever someone uses your bathroom they might subconsciously store this very important suggestion and turn to the nerd side which is the best side! *evil cackling ensues*

3. Living Room 

Ah, the living room. A place brimming with opportunity. A place where all your visitors have no choice but to be bombarded with all things nerdy, how lucky are they? Very. I agree with you.

  • Tables - One of my best friends' dad has a coffee table made of books! A+ for his interior design skills. Not only can it give your home such a unique, warm look and subtly flaunt that you are, indeed, very well-read but it's also a perfect conversation topic for pesky, awkward silences! It's a win-win situation!

Image result for coffee table made from booksImage result for coffee table made from books

  • Chairs - To make sure you're adequately expressing your love for books, a table might not be enough. Behold CHAIRS. CHAIRS MADE OF BOOKS, to be specific. We read books, we write books, we photograph books, we buy books and we collect books...why not sit on your bookish throne and rule your books to take it just a small step further?

And if you think that design is too subtle...let me grace your eyes with the actual book chair. You're literally in a book. LIFE GOALS = ACHIEVED.

Image result for bookish chair

  • Lamps - It's always a good idea to have some objects in your house that enlighten (ha, I made a pun) your family and friends on what your favourite books are. I mean, you're keeping them in mind, right? You're making gift-giving so much less stressful. Look at you, you considerate bean. 

Harry Potter Snape's Patronus Lamp Additional Image

  • Pillows - There are so many gorgeous bookish pillows to buy! Perhaps you don't have space or you can't afford to deck your place out with new furniture but FEAR NOT, THE PILLOWS ARE HERE. There are so many gorgeous designs that will not only spruce up your place but also make your Instagram very aesthetically pleasing! Evie Seo's designs are stunning and they would definitely improve my living room by 103%

ACOMAF - Torn Apart The World by eviebookish

  • Candles - who doesn't love candles?! Not only are bookish candles a) super pretty, they also b) smell really good and c) have super cute titles that give you all the feels.

  • Bookshelves - Ah, the perfect place to have bookcases (aside from your own personal library complete with floor to ceiling shelves and ladders, Beauty and the Beast style). I love bookcases in a living room. It immediately shows people that you love reading, your visitors might be enticed into a conversation about one of the books on your shelves and lastly, it's just so aesthetically pleasing. You might be tempted to stare at your shelves for a somewhat worrying about of time. Not that I speak from experience or anything...

Image result for floor to ceiling bookshelf

Image result for bookcases

Image result for floor to ceiling bookshelf

So, if you were looking for some ideas (or perhaps you weren't but you've been inspired by this post 🙆) then HERE THEY ARE! Which of these are your favourite? Which room would you like to nerdify more? What's your favourite bookish item?