What I've Been Reading #17


How's your week going so far? Mine is going quite well! I volunteered for the first time on Saturday and it was so fun. I also volunteered today and on Tuesday - I'll write a full post on how I'm finding it so far! (Spoiler: I'm loving it)

I read a heck of a lot last week but I didn't finish very many books because a lot of the books I was reading were a) really thick and b) nonfiction. I read almost 100 pages of my French grammar book and several pages of this 800 paged theology book (SUCH A BIG BOOK. TINY WRITING. MUCH INTIMIDATING). I also read two YA books which I enjoyed so much! 


Other Girl by Nicole Burstein ⭐ | Wonder Boy ⭐.5

I really enjoyed these two and I read them each in a day! Super fun superhero stories with fantastic storylines and lovable characters. I absolutely loved the action and that both books were from the point of view of a normal person with no powers and a character whose superpowers aren't as advanced as other of the superheroes. It's always nice reading from the POV of the underdog.

Mere Christianity

GUYS, this book is so good and it's definitely going to get 5 cupcakes from me! I don't read much non-fiction but lately I've been on a non-fiction kick and I'm LOVING IT. I would highly recommend this book, even if you're not a Christian. In fact, if you have questions about Christianity, about God, about Jesus etc I would really recommend that you read this because C.S. Lewis lays out everything so nicely. He doesn't shove religion down your throat, but he lays out the facts on Christianity and the ideas behind it and the evidence behind the ideas in such an accessible manner. If you are a Christian, it will strengthen your faith and help you understand concepts of Christianity that you might have struggled to come to grips with before. C.S. Lewis is an amazing writer - I MUST FINISH THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA.

The Sign Of OneThe Hiding Place

I'm hoping to get to these two next! The Sign of One sounds like a fantastic sci-fi dystopian thriller and I'm so excited to read it. The Hiding Place is a nonfiction, autobiography and it sounds incredible! 

What did you read last week, what are you currently reading and what do you think you'll be reading next?