What I've Been Reading #16 - In which I read nonfiction mostly and now my head hurts


I hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was pretty relaxed, I spent most of it at home but I did go to Bristol for a bit which was nice. I had THE best hot chocolate there, in fact, if I could consume that every day for the rest of my life I would be quite happy. The place is called Coffee #1, if you ever want a good hot chocolate - GO THERE.

I've read quite a lot the past two days! I finished my AS physics on Thursday so I've been on my summer holidays since then and ahh, it's so nice being able to fully relax. If I haven't been out with my parents or seeing some friends I've been reading, blogging, commenting on blogs and watching way too much Youtube, more than I'd like to admit! 

I've mostly read graphic novels the past week BUT I did read a nonfiction theology book which was SO GOOD but so confusing and my head hurt after reading it. I then decided to start reading another theology book but it was even more confusing and abstract than the other one, so I've put it down momentarily to read some YA fiction as a reward for my valiant attempt in trying to read nonfiction. 

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Batman: Detective Comics, Volume 1: Faces of DeathBatman: No Man's Land, Vol. 1DC Comics: Zero YearThe Screwtape Letters

Faces of Death  | No Man's Land ⭐ | Zero Year ⭐ | Screwtape Letters ⭐ 

I read some really good books! Faces of Death was gruesome (bleh) and I didn't feel as if the plot went anywhere so I was quite disappointed with that. No Man's Land was fantastic! Gotham had been rocked by a huge earthquake and the city was practially a wasteland for the people left behind and it was a city completely deserted by the government and the law etc. I LOVEEEED the storyline and the art - I highly recommend it! Zero Year's art was so incredible and I loved learning the stories behind some of the lesser-known superheroes. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I then read Screwtape Letters (the theology book I was telling you about) and it was SO, SO GOOD. His writing is really complex and I found it hard to often understand what he was trying to say but once I finally got what he was saying, it blew my mind. We often think the Devil tempts us in more obvious ways but I realise now how he tries to worm himself into even, what we as humans perceive as, the most innocent of things. Christian or not, I highly recommend you give it a go!


I'm LOVING this book! I actually started reading the second book one day randomly at the library while my most was meeting with friends and I got completely sucked into the story and ended up reading 30 pages in a very short amount of time (which I was really impressed with as I'm a pretty slow reader). I then proceeded to take it home with me (as one does) but then after Googling I found out it's actually the sequel to the first book, Othergirl. So the next day (I don't really know what the point of this anecdote is but bear with me) I went back and got the first book out. I started reading it today and I LOVE IT. It's got superheroes in, it's from the POV of the sidekick/girl who isn't at the center of everything which is really refreshing to read about and I'm just enjoying it so, so much! I felt myself going into a slump but this has hauled me right back out! 

WonderboySteelheart (The Reckoners, #1)

 YAS, superhero books for the win! I'm so excited to read Wonder Boy as I know I'm going to love it and I'm SUPER STOKED to read another Brandon Sanderson book as I thoroughly enjoyed The Rithmatist by him. I have the entire Steelheart trilogy out from the library, so I'm looking forward to marathoning it! I haven't marathoned a book series in forever so I'm super amped for that! 

So I've had a pretty good reading week so far! I'm hoping to finish Othergirl either tonight or tomorrow and then start Wonderboy. Have you read any of these? What are you currently reading? Do you like superhero books? Let's talk!