I hope you are well!

My weekend has been quite quiet which is nice, however, I haven't had much time for reading as I've either been out in town/in the car a lot/blogging/bookstagramming so I'm hoping I'll be able to get some reading in this week! From Tuesday my intense revision starts but if I stick to my schedule I should have quite a bit of time to read WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY.

Yesterday we took my miniature schnauzer to get a haircut and let me just insert a picture of her here to make your Monday that much brighter! CAN WE ADMIRE HER LITTLE FACE FOR A SECOND? CAN WE? She's so cute I can't even. I don't think she's a fan of her new haircut, though...

One, Two, Three (Broken Dreams: Natalya's Story #1)Journey To Jo'burg (Essential Modern Classics)

One, Two, Three by Elodie Nowodazkij ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Journey to Jo'burg by Beverley Naidoo 

YOU KNOW WHAT'S ONE OF THE BEST FEELINGS EVER?? Discovering a new favourite series completely by chance! One, Two, Three is the first book in the Broken Dreams series (self-published) and I LOVED IT. Sometimes it was cliche, the writing could be quite simple and I wasn't swooning over the romance but I still loved it so much? Like, I couldn't put it down. It was tragic and heartbreaking and there was ballet and a strong female protagonist and I really enjoyed it. How did I find this series, you ask? WELL, after downloading the Kindle app on my new phone, I kind of went on a downloading spree (THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD FREE BOOKS IN THE KINDLE STORE OHMYGOSH THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF) and I found A Summer Like No Other for free (#1.5 in the series) and I downloaded it, read it and LOVED it. Even though I swore I was on a book buying ban...I needed the next book in the series. And the first book. So I marathoned the series (Except for the last book because I kind of don't want it to end) and I just love it a lot. STORY TIME OVER.

I also read Journey to Jo'burg in half an hour or so before bed (YAY FOR THIN BOOKS) and it was incredibly eye-opening and quite heartbreaking as well. I really enjoyed it because it showed me how it felt for those oppressed during the apartheid. I RECOMMEND.

Bone GapPersepolis: The Story of a Childhood (Persepolis, #1)

SOMEONE FLAIL WITH ME ABOUT BONE GAP. IT'S INCREDIBLE. AND THE WRITING IS INCREDIBLE. AND THE CHARACTERS ARE INCREDIBLE. AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Sadly, I haven't read much of it because I've been blogging/bookstagramming/commenting a lot this weekend which hasn't left much time for reading but I'm so excited to read more of it this coming week!

I'm not a huge fan of Persepolis so far, I feel as if it doesn't flow very well and I'm quite confused as to what is happening. Maybe that's just me being stupid idk.

Always Second Best (Broken Dreams: Em & Nick #2)

The last book in the Broken Dreams series and I am totally ready. I LOVEEED the previous books and I LOVED Em and Nick's story so I'm SO EXCITED to read more about them! 

What books have you read this past week? Have you read any of these? ALSO, PLEASE READ BONE GAP AND THE BROKEN DREAMS SERIES BECAUSE THEY'RE INCREDIBLE.