What I've Been Reading #12


I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I spent mine studying (bleh) and reading so it wasn't too bad (except for the studying because maths, ew). 

Also, random piece of information, but I'm really pleased with myself because today is my 12th day without chocolate! WHO EVEN AM I?! I wanted to reduce my sugar intake as I eat a lot of chocolate so I'm trying to go 2-3 weeks without it because I think it's more of a habit than anything else BUT MY RESISTANCE IS WAVERING OMG HELP. 

I'm also super happy because yesterday I had the best workout. I did abs, legs, and arms and I really enjoyed it. LIKE I ACTUALLY ENJOYED WORKING OUT?? I didn't know such a thing was possible but apparently it is! You guys probably didn't need to know this but I'm super proud of myself so I thought I'd like flail about it on my blog because why not?

So my resolution to be healthier this year is going pretty well! Now I just need to focus on getting to sleep earlier (I have miserably failed at that) and meditating more. I've really been struggling with stress and anxiety the past few weeks and I've definitely found, that in the past, meditation works wonders! 

I managed to read 2 books this past week which I'm quite proud of as I've been drowning in school work! I'm just doing maths at the moment as there are three textbooks I have to complete and IT'S SO MUCH WORK. But I'll survive. *sips chamomile tea and tries not to panic about exams and school and life in general*

Unmarked (The Legion, #2)The One Memory of Flora Banks

Unmarked by Kami Garcia ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr 

I really enjoyed both of these! I LOVED Unbreakable (Unmarked's predecessor) so when my reservation for Unmarked came in I nearly died of excitement. I really enjoyed it but not nearly as much as I loved the first book. There were a few plot twists that left me with my jaw on the floor so YAY FOR PLOT TWISTS. 

I also read The One Memory of Flora Banks which I was highly anticipating and although it started out slow and I wasn't in love the first 100 pages or so, after that I devoured it. It was suspenseful and heart-wrenching and I highly recommend it!

As I've just finished TOMOFB I'm not reading anything yet but...

A Girl Called Owl

I'll be reading this next! I'm trying to read my arcs in a more timely fashion (also failing that so far this year BUT I'm trying, peoples, I'm trying) and as this one is coming out in ten days, I'll be reading this next! It's sounds adorable and LOOK AT THAT COVER. I am muchly excited. 

I might go write my review for The One Memory of Flora Banks now but...I kind of feel like playing Sims. I haven't played it in months and it's time, guys, it's time...to go on a four-day binge of nothing but Sims because that's the only way to play, right?

How's your week been? What are you planning on reading this week?