Top Ten Underrated Books I've Read That Not Enough People Squawk About

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I'm SO excited for this prompt as there are many, many books I've read that deserve all the love but BARELY ANYBODY HAS READ THEM AND IT BREAKS MY POOR LITTLE BOOKISH HEART. SO, now is the perfect opportunity to force persuade you to read these books. ARE YOU EXCITED? You should be.

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The Darkest Part of the ForestThe Last Summer of UsThe Rain (The Rain, #1)

WHY DO NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THE DARKEST PART OF THE FOREST?? It has gorgeously morbid writing and fierce but broken characters and it's got that quaint fairytale vibe with a sadistic twist and EVERYONE NEEDS IT IN THEIR LIFE. 

The Last Summer of Us features a girl (who is recovering from the death of a loved one), not one but two boys (who gloriously contrast with another), a summer road trip through Wales, saying goodbye and starting anew - ALSO, THERE'S NO LOVE TRIANGLE. There is a subtle romance but NO LOVE TRIANGLE. Do you know how rare it is for a book to contain a girl and two guys and not have a love triangle? Super rare. Go read it now. Because rare.

The Rain is wonderful (it feels slightly sacrilegious to say that as there's a killer virus in the rain and pretty much everyone dies but we'll roll with it) - Ruby is your typical teenage girl trying to navigate an apocalypse. She's 100% snarky, pretty selfish and self-centred but she's a flawed character you can't help but love. Also, there's an adorable guy who feels like a real teenage boy and not the perfect specimens that fictional boys often are so YAY for realism. I think that's what made The Rain even more terrifying is how real everyone felt and how realistic everything is, it felt like the rain outside my window was poisoned which was scary but good too? NOT BECAUSE IT'S POISONED, but because the book made it feel like it could potentially be? Which is always a sign of good storytelling, right?

Radio SilenceUnrivaled (Beautiful Idols #1)White Cat (Curse Workers, #1)Talon (Talon, #1)

Radio Silence was one of the best books I read last year and NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE HAVE READ IT. It's a diverse book (asexuality, bisexuality, POC characters), the characters are so relatable and so adorable. They're shy and quirky and wear patterned leggings and create fan art and have Tumblr blogs and I HAVE A SUDDEN YEARNING TO REREAD IT BECAUSE SO FREAKING GOOD.

I was so excited to read Unrivaled when I received an arc of it last year! I'd read one other Alyson Noel book (Fated, I think) AND I LOVED IT. So when this came in the post with the pretty cover and the intriguing synopsis my expectations were high and you know what - IT BLEW MY (already high) EXPECTATIONS OUT OF THE WATER. Like guys, I loved this book. And the ending was a TOTAL cliffhanger and there was this air of suspense the entire way through and the characters were all backstabbers and liars because they'd do anything to get to the top and IT WAS SO INTRIGUING. READ IT.

I feel like nobody (except Cait who actually recommended these on her blog - THANKS, CAIT) has read these and when I mention it people are like "The Curseworkers series, the one you drone on and on about constantly but I never take in what you're saying? What are they about, again?". WELL, SIT DOWN AND LET ME SUM IT UP FOR YOU. Mafia. Magic. Cons. Mobsters. Mobsters who curse people with the touch of a hand. Snazzy gloves. Dysfunctional families. Cats. A tortured cinnamon roll of a main character who was born to be bad but who so badly wants to be good. IF THAT DOESN'T SELL YOU, THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL.

The Moonlight DreamersLove SongMore of Me

THESE BOOKS. WHY HAVEN'T MORE PEOPLE READ THEM?? The Moonlight Dreamers was incredible and I feel like rereading it all of a sudden because good golly that book is incredible! The characters are so unique and complex and so real that I feel like they're my friends. I genuinely felt like I had four new best friends once I had closed the book - ISN'T THAT THE BEST FEELING EVER?! Yes, I agree with me too.

Love Song was SO ADORABLE. At first, I was worried that I wouldn't like it as I've never really understood the obsession with bands like One Direction and 5SOS but LSKJLGJS it was so good. The romance was SO cute and the main character was SO relatable and it was SO FUN getting an inside look on how the other half lives. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

More of Me...that book frikkin' broke my heart. I was sitting in the lounge and I turned the last few pages of the book and I started bawling my eyes out and my parents were like "Are you okay?" and I was like:

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I'll probably never recover. BUT GUYS. READ IT. It's about this girl Teva and every year (as she gets older) she splits in two, leaving her younger self behind. So the house they live in is filled with ten other Tevas (I think this started when she was 5) and the latest Teva has to go into the real world and live her life whilst the others stay at home, forever the same age, forever living behind four walls. IT'S HEARTBREAKING AND CREEPY AND WONDERFULLY WEIRD AND PLEASE GO READ IT.

These are my top ten (wow, I actually put only ten books for a change - miracles do happen, I guess) books that I feel are severely underrated and EVERYONE MUST KNOW OF THEIR BRILLIANCE. Have you read these?? PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE SO WE CAN FANGIRL. If not, are there any of these that you want to read but haven't got to yet? What's one book that you've read that not enough people know and love? RECOMMEND ME ALL THE BOOKS.