I'M BACK! ft. new hobbies, the books I've been reading and just a general life update which I'm sure you've all been dying for *cough*


I'm so happy to be involved in the blogosphere again. I found myself in a bit of a slump when I started my hiatus but now that it's over I just want to blog and it's beautiful. SO, who's ready for a life update? You? Brilliant.

Okay, so, I'll start with the most exciting news: I wrote a book. Yours truly actually wrote a book. With a beginning, middle and end. I actually never thought I'd accomplish that because I always get a few thousand words in and them I'm like lol I don't know what I'm doing byeee but this time I stuck to it and I persevered and I ACTUALLY WROTE A REAL BOOK FLAIL WITH MEEEE. It's a contemporary romance and it has just under 70k words. It needs a lot of editing and rewriting but I'm so very proud of it!

I also got my braces off last Monday and I'm SO HAPPY THAT THEY'RE OFF. It's so weird seeing myself with straight teeth and I've been looking at myself in the mirror more than I'd like to admit because MY TEETH ARE FINALLY STRAIGHT! The whole orthodontist process took 2 years (I had several plates before getting train tracks) but I only had my braces on for 7 months which is such a short amount of time and they weren't as painful as I was expecting so it wasn't that bad having them on but AH, it's so good being able to see my teeth again.

I've also acquired a new hobby: roller skating. I've been four times and I feel like every time I go I get worse (I don't even know how that's possible). I literally look like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time whilst attempting ballet. YES, IT'S THAT BAD. I don't have an athletic bone in my body, so we'll blame it on that. Despite being awful at it, I really enjoy it and I've made a few friends there too which is always good!

I'M ON CHRISTMAS BREAK AND IT'S AWESOME. I've been so busy with maths, physics and English language lately but I'm really enjoying them! Especially physics. A level physics is SO FUN and it's made me interested in different aspects of physics such as quantum physics and waves that I haven't really known much about/been interested in before! I've also been trying to read more science-y books and although some of them make my head hurt after a few pages, I'm really enjoying reading non-fiction books (WHO THOUGHT I'D EVER SAY THAT? NOT ME.). I'm really looking forward to reading and blogging more and taking bookstagram photos, which I've been so slack with.

OH YES I NEARLY FORGOT. I've also read 71 books this year which might not seem like a lot for some people but for me it is and I'm SO PROUD OF MYSELF. I beat my 2013 and 2015 Goodreads challenges (67/50 and 65/50) which I didn't think I'd manage but I did. Go me!

Also, I can not believe it's Christmas in five days. WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?! I love Christmas time because mince pies. I have eaten so many this Christmas season I'm going to turn into one shortly, I kid you not.

So, let's talk! Tell me what you've been up to the past two months, have you read any good books, acquired any new books? Let me know, I'VE MISSED YOU GUYS.