YA Shot 2016, Gemina and Book Clubs

Life is pretty exciting for me at the moment, book wise. I'm reading some amazing books, I've been inspired to blog again, I'm attending YA Shot this weekend and I'm attending my first book club meeting next month! So, why not blog about it?

I'VE BEEN READING SO MANY GOOD BOOKS. I've recently read Illuminae and I finished Gemina last night and they were SO BRILLIANT. Like, I want to read every single book both authors have written. The characters are SO PRECIOUS.

The plot is so enthralling. The format is so incredibly unique. AND GOSH I JUST LOVE IT A LOT. I finished it last night and when I woke up this morning I was like “Eek, can't wait to read more!” and then I realised I had finished it and I was like WHAT IS THIS TORTURE?! I need the next one. Neeeeed.

I also have some super exciting news! SO, I enter a lot of giveaways right. Not a lot lot, but a sufficient amount. A few weeks ago I entered to win two tickets to YA Shot, which is YA book festival with over 70 authors participating. I wasn't expecting to win because I never win anything and I WON! I'M GOING TO YA SHOT OMG I'M SO EXCITED. It's in London this Saturday and there are so many authors I've excited to see! Holly Smale and Holly Bourne being the ones I'm *most* excited for. I wanted to see them at the Cheltenham Literature Festival but I couldn't make it, SO I'M SUPER DUPER EXCITED. I'm also hoping to see Sophia Bennett, Maggie Harcourt, Kathryn Evans and Alwyn Hamilton! London is pretty far from us though so my parents don't want to leave too late and Alwyn's event ends quite late but hopefully I won't miss it! Even though I'm really excited I'm quite nervous too as I attended two author events last weekend and I nearly had a panic attack at the one, but hopefully, I can keep my anxiety under control this time!

THEN, you know I told you guys about my library's YA book club? The next book we're reading is Throne of Glass which I'm super excited about as I've been meaning to read since it first came out and now I'll finally be getting around to it. ALSO, at our next meeting we'll be having a Skype conversation with Kathryn Evans which is AWESOME. She's one of the authors I'm hoping to meet at YA Shot and I actually got sent her book to review, so I think I'll be reading that one next!

I'm so excited that I'm getting a chance to go to YA Shot! Are any of you guys going? Who are you hoping to see?