August Wrap-Up and September TBR Pile!

IT'S SEPTEMBER. It feels like a couple of months ago we were celebrating the beginning of 2016 and now we're in the last quarter of the year. WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!

Despite being slightly freaked out that 2016 is drawing to a close, I'm really looking forward to September! I've grown to love autumn (it was my least favourite season but now I actually really like it??) so I'm looking forward to warm sweaters, fires and all the vibrant colours!

I'm also looking forward to September because we're moving! We found a house to rent and we're moving the 24th of September! We currently live in a really small village with nothing to do and although it can be nice, I've been extremely eager to move to a town/city where there's more activity. I'm super super excited and I can't wait to start exploring! I'm also going to ensure that this move will help my anxiety. It's the perfect opportunity to start taking small steps outside of my comfort zone, working up to things such as taking a bus by myself, joining a dance class and getting a part-time job!

I didn't actually read that much last month as I started my A levels and I'm still adjusting to the amount of work and studying I have. I'm hoping that I can get more reading done this month!

Dominion (The Chronicles of the Invaders, #3)Dear CharlieSlamBad MagicBad LuckThe Thousandth FloorSuper Awkward

I had a pretty good reading month! I LOVED Dominion, it was a fantastic end to a brilliant trilogy - you should definitely read it! Dear Charlie, Slam and The Thousandth Floor were a bit disappointing but I'm still glad I read them. I LOVED Bad Magic, it was so entertaining and imaginative - I adored it. Bad Luck and Super Awkward were brilliant as well! I highly recommend them!

I really hope I can read all of these this month! I think I'm going to kick off my September with Two Summers by Aimee Friedman as I think I should try to squeeze in one more summery book before the chill of autumn kicks in! I need to get The Serpent King, The Brief History of Time and The Deathly Hallows read before we leave as they're library books and we're moving to a different county - I'm really going to miss the libraries where I currently live! Cell 7 and Futhermore are two books I received for review last month that sound fantastic - I think I'm really going to enjoy them!

What was your favourite book you read in August? Are you looking forward to spring/autumn? Have you got anything exciting planned for September? Tell all!